The Perfect Kid-Friendly Activity: Jewelry-Making!

Kids love making jewelry—especially little girls. Jewelry making is a great activity to run at your next event because it’s interactive, fun and maximizes creativity. It’s perfect for kids 5+ who love making crafts and you’ll love it as the parent(s) because it will keep the kids occupied as they sharpen new skills! Here are a few products we can offer:


Laloopsy Jewelry Maker


This product lets go of the traditional way of jewelry making and introduces an innovative and automatic jewelry maker. How it works: Laloopsy Jewelry Maker automatically strings together any combination of beads or ornaments that are placed into the colorful teacup wheel.  There are so many combinations to be made as you can create anything from necklaces to hair clips and more!


Ultimate 3D Shrinky D Jewelry


This kit includes pre-cut and pre-printed pieces. How it works: kids choose their colours and designs. They then decorate their pieces and slide them into a mold to turn them into earrings, bracelets, necklaces or rings. With the help of a supervisor, the molds are then placed into the oven, where the jewelry is baked into a 3D form!


This set contains:


  • Silicon ring and bracelet molds
  • 22 Shrinky Dinks shapes
  • 3 earring hooks
  • 4 jump rings
  • 48 sticker gems
  • 8 colour pencils
  • Instructions



FA Beaded Message Bracelet Kit


 Put some party music on, hang out and make some memories together. Fashion Angel’s Message Bracelets kit comes with a collection of wrap bracelets, message tags and colourful beads to make colourful and unique friendship bracelets.


This kit includes:

  • Suedette cording in assorted colours
  • Lace cording
  • Charmeuse fabric
  • Bead strands
  • 8 engraved metal bracelet plaques


Sweet Links Bracelet Maker


Take DIY bracelet making to the next level with the Style Me Up Sweet Links Bracelet Maker jewelry making kit. Use the jewelry making tools to weave mini barbell beads into stunning arm candy.
This kit contains:

  • Bracelet maker
  • 230 link beads
  • 7 colors of cotton thread
  • 7 clasp beads
  • 14 round beads
  • Needle
  • Link bead pen
  • Color instructions

Pop! Events has a range of toys and craft kits to delight kids of all ages. From action figures to bead sets, we have you covered. Get in touch with us to talk about themes and ideas you’d like to have done for your next event!