Corporate Outings – How to Pick the Right Event For Your Team

As we know, there are many great reasons for holding corporate outings from motivating your employees, rewarding them for hard work, generating new leads, and more. However, how do you choose the right outing for your team? Today, we are going to assess the many factors that will affect this decision so you can do right by the team!


Group Size – First and foremost, the size of the team is important because this will change what is available. In the same way you don’t want to have a tiny group doing something designed for a large group, you don’t want hundreds of people all crammed into one tiny room. Therefore, the size of your business and the number of employees you have will affect every other decision moving forward.

Budget – After this, the budget comes into play because this will also affect the range of activities available. If you splash out on the venue or activities and have no money left for food and drink, your employees will be a little disappointed. With this in mind, the event should be planned well in advance so it considers the budget and the team can benefit from the various extras available. If you were to choose Pop Events for all your planning needs, we can work with you to meet your budget with no problems!

Goal – Next, what is your goal from the outing? Are you purely looking to have a good time and reward your employees for working so hard? On the flip side, are you treating it as a training event? For example, you could look to introduce activities for team building and combine your corporate outing with team building exercises. Once you know these three factors to start, you will be in a stronger position immediately!

Location – If you plan well enough and in advance (or allow us to plan), you should be able to find a location that works for everyone. If possible, this is a huge benefit because employees can drive or get the public transport as they normally would for work. If you leave it too late and can only get a venue well out of the way, this causes problems for those who don’t drive. Furthermore, those who normally pick children up from school will have to make special arrangements and the mood of the camp will be down before you even start. If you’re struggling with this step, don’t fear because we can help!

Ask – If the main aim of the corporate outing is to reward your employees, the easiest way to choose something worthwhile is by asking them what they want to do (you will find a list on our website!). Rather than guessing and hoping it pays off, why not have a meeting and discuss the options? This way, you know that it follows the first three vital factors and your employees will have fun because they chose it themselves.

Get Help – Finally, we realize that this can all take a bit of time – time that you don’t have when trying to push a business forward. Therefore, we want you to know that help does exist and at Pop Events we have experience and the skills to organize a successful event. Whether you have 20 employees or hundreds, we can stay within your budget, find a great location, and meet your aims we discussed previously. If you want to take the weight from your shoulders, contact us today and we can control the process for you!