Casino Games

Money Machine

If you are looking for a cool and unique entertainment eye catcher, our money machine rental is ideal. The money machine rental is a great way to keep your audience engaged and entertained. Place money, coupons or vouchers in our incredible money machine rental. Space Required: 1.4ft L x 1.4ft W x 3.4ft H


Baccarat is a well-known casino rental game, one that has been frequently featured in James Bond films. This high stakes game can be found in virtually every casino throughout the world. Seats: 7 + Dealer Space Required: 6ft L x 4ft W x 2.6ft H


Our blackjack table rental is by far the most popular casino rental for casino parties. A must-have for your next casino theme party, casino night or corporate event entertainment. We provide highly trained professional blackjack dealers to give your guests a true casino night that they will not forget. Seats: 7 + Dealer Space Required: 6ft L x 4ft W x 3.4ft H

Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is a popular variation of poker. Although it is a poker game it is played on the same shaped tables as a blackjack table. This game is great for larger casino events when wanting to offer different types of games to your guests. Let you casino night stand out with Caribbean Stud table rental. Seats: 7 + Dealer Space Required: 6ft L x 4ft W x 3.4ft H

Casino Dealer

The casino dealers that we provide to your event ARE the best in the industry. They are all casino trained and have much experience in the entertainment business. They not only teach the guest who do not know how to play, but they are also part of the entertainment. Our dealers are always on time and show up in full uniform allowing your event to be seamless while having that same authenticity that you feel on the Vegas floor.

Casino War Table

Remember playing war as a kid? This is the same game except with some casino twists. Casino war table rentals is a very popular gaming table among avid gamblers and beginners too. This table is great for all types of casino events ranging from a 30 person event to a 500 person event. Seats: 7 + Dealer Space Required: 6ft L x 4ft W x 3.4ft H

3 Card Poker Table

The perfect casino table rental for the poker lovers at your casino themed event. This game has all the excitement of Texas Hold Em Poker with added payouts for bonus hands. It is you against the dealer in this easy to learn game that will surely keep your guests entertained. Seats: 7 + Dealer Space Required: 6ft L x 4ft W x 3.4ft H

Craps Table

Craps is a Casino Game known for creating huge excitement and fun! We can provide you with this high action game, along with professionally trained dealers to make your next event a sure hit. When you are at the casino and hear a full table of people cheering, that table is typically the craps table. We understand that many of your guests might be a little intimidated by this complex game. Don’t worry our friendly Craps Dealers are here to help, and instruct your guests… Read more »

Crown & Anchor

Crown and Anchor Wheel rentals is a popular game. It is a game where the player requires no knowledge of how to play before they approach the table. Space Required: 3ft L x 1.6ft W x 6ft H x 3ft Wheel Diameter

Poker Table

Poker is unique because it’s the only game in the casino where players compete against each other so there’s no house advantage. Just you and your friends trying to outwit, outplay and out bluff each other. Texas Hold’em is the most popular form of poker in the world and is almost always what you see played on TV. Our tables are bigger than the tables most casino companies use so more people can play at once. If you have poker players on your guest list… Read more »

Raffle Drum

After a long night of casino games, what better way to “cash in your chips” than use them to buy raffle tickets? And what better way to give everyone a fair shot at prize than to use a Raffle Drum to pick the lucky winner! Space Required: 15″L x 10.5″W x 11″H x 8″ Drum Diameter

Roulette Table

The roulette player is a special breed. While many people will play, every party has a handful of wheel lizards who call roulette “their” game. They are hypnotized by the spin of the wheel, the sound of the ball against the mahogany and the sight of the ball bouncing around desperately trying to find their number. It’s a rags to riches game which no casino should be without. We have three options of roulette table rentals, they all serve a purpose see which one will… Read more »

Slot Machines

Slot Machine rentals are a great addition to any casino party. The first thing anyone experiences when they first enter a casino is the flashing lights and musical melodies from a chorus of slot machines. They’re also a great activity for children, the lone gambler or simply the slot lover at your event. Space Required: 1.6ftL x 1.2 W x 2.8ft H