Hottest Games for 2017

Mash Machine Interactive DJ Game

The next level of game rentals, this cutting edge DJ game allows 1-4 players create their own unique sound by placing coded blocks on the interactive surface. Blocks representing Bass, Vocals, Drums and Melody are combined and moved around to create a continuous, flawlessly blended track. No elaborate instructions, manual or previous experience required! Endless branding opportunities!! Perfect for marketing, client engagement, team building and social events.

Click here to see a video!

Pac-Man’s Arcade Party

Relive your youth or test your skills for the very first time. Featuring everyone’s favourite Pac Man, and 12 others, these classic arcade games can still thrill for hours. No quarters required! Includes 13 Games: The Original Pac-Man; Ms. Pac-Man; Galaga; Dig Dug; Galaxian; Pac-Mania; Galaga ’88; Mappy; Xevious; Rolling Thunder; Dragon Spirit; Rally-X and Bosconian! Size: 21″W X 33″D x 30″H

Giant LiteBrite

Shine a light on your inner artist. Your favourite glowing game from your youth has grown up! Our Giant LiteBrite stands over 6 feet tall and is perfect for any occasion. Create a custom sign for your event or let your guests unleash their creativity with random designs. Sure to be a hit with everyone! Size: 6ft L X 9″ W x 6.5 ft H

Strike a Light

This is the newest tabletop game to hit the arcade market – and we are the FIRST in Toronto to offer it! This game is fast paced, fun & energetic. Keeps both players and spectators engaged. Features two play modes, sound, lights and electronic scoreboard. Both kids and adults alike will love this!! Size: 3.75ft L X 3ft W x 2.6ft H