Table Top and Sports Games

Mash Machine Interactive DJ Game

The next level of game rentals, this cutting edge DJ game allows 1-4 players create their own unique sound by placing coded blocks on the interactive surface. Blocks representing Bass, Vocals, Drums and Melody are combined and moved around to create a continuous, flawlessly blended track. No elaborate instructions, manual or previous experience required! Endless branding opportunities!! Perfect for marketing, client engagement, team building and social events.

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Pac-Man’s Arcade Party

Relive your youth or test your skills for the very first time. Featuring everyone’s favourite Pac Man, and 12 others, these classic arcade games can still thrill for hours. No quarters required! Includes 13 Games: The Original Pac-Man; Ms. Pac-Man; Galaga; Dig Dug; Galaxian; Pac-Mania; Galaga ’88; Mappy; Xevious; Rolling Thunder; Dragon Spirit; Rally-X and Bosconian! Size: 21″W X 33″D x 30″H

Giant LiteBrite

Shine a light on your inner artist. Your favourite glowing game from your youth has grown up! Our Giant LiteBrite stands over 6 feet tall and is perfect for any occasion. Create a custom sign for your event or let your guests unleash their creativity with random designs. Sure to be a hit with everyone! Size: 6ft L X 9″ W x 6.5 ft H

Strike a Light

This is the newest tabletop game to hit the arcade market – and we are the FIRST in Toronto to offer it! This game is fast paced, fun & energetic. Keeps both players and spectators engaged. Features two play modes, sound, lights and electronic scoreboard. Both kids and adults alike will love this!! Size: 3.75ft L X 3ft W x 2.6ft H

Jet Ball

This fast paced action game makes Jet-Ball fun for both players and spectators. With a similar game play to foosball, the Air-Jet Technology and joystick controls brings a whole new way to play table games. Size: 4.91ft L X 2.83ft W x 2.5ft H

Roller Bowler

Push the ball hard enough to pass the first hill, but softly enough so that it doesn’t roll all the way back! Try to complete the task before the person next to you does!


Drop one of the colored disks down from the top and watch it bounce through the pegs into a scored slot at the bottom. Is this a game of luck, or does it require strategy? You decide!

Saloon Shootout

Kids of all ages will love this exciting, saloon shootout game. Players can try to knock down the targets with the built-in dart gun!

Super Chexx Hockey

Super Chexx Bubble Hockey was invented in 1982, and was instantly a fan favorite. Since then it has become a classic, as it remains one of the most fun and addicting hockey games on the market today. Add it on to any event to enhance the level of amusement, or schedule an event around it by organizing a bubble hockey tournament. Size: 5ft L x 5ft W x 2.6ft H


Foosball, is a classic game rental that never fails to amuse and entertain the crowd.  Great for beginners to experts, this game is appropriate for any and all the guests at your event.  Allow us deliver this game and watch as the crowd flocks to it in an attempt to beat the competition and be crowned the undisputed champion of the night. Size: 6ft L x 3ft W x 2.6ft H

Air Hockey

Air Hockey is a timeless classic game rental that is instantly recognizable to people of all ages.  Our tables have solid, reinforced leg supports to prevent table movement during play, a heavy-duty cabinet with super-fast no clog puck return, and an ultra-quiet, high-volume blower that keeps the game fast and fun with minimal noise. Size: 7ft L x 4ft W x 2.6ft H

Electronic Basketball

Electronic Basketball is a fun and addictive party rental that will keep your guests coming back again and again.  Two players compete by shooting mini-basketballs at their own nets.  The electronic timer keeps track of the time and score.  The player with the most points when the clock reaches zero wins. Size: 7ft L x 4ft W x 7.25ft H

Electronic Hockey Net

A great game for the older kids in the crowd, or the hockey players that are young at heart. Compete by shooting the puck at lit up targets. Be the fastest to knock off all the targets and reign supreme as the most accurate sharp shooter! Size: 14ft L x 10ft W x 10ft H

Super Decker

Super Decker is an interactive hockey game that tests the competitor’s stick handling ability. This head to head game has surface modules that light up randomly, and requires the player to stick handle over the sensor to dim the light. The player who can dim the most lights in a specified time frame wins. Size: 8ft L x 4ft W


Gockey is a fine addition to any hockey themed event.  With this entertainment rental, players compete using mini hockey sticks and attempt to shoot the ball across a smooth playing surface into their opponent’s goal.  Gockey is akin to a fusion between air hockey and genuine hockey. Size: 5ft L x 3ft W x 2.6ft H

Ping Pong

Our Tournament sized tables are sure to be the perfect solution for your ping pong needs. Whether you are looking to hold a competitive table tennis tournament or a relaxed game night, we will deliver everything needed to make it happen. Our tables are lightweight and quickly assemble, allowing you to play anywhere without a fuss, and our centered net and post system helps to ensure the net is perfectly centered. Size: 9ft L X 5ft W X 2.6ft H

Strike Zone

Bowling with a twist! Simply slide the pucks down the alley to flip the pins! You have three chances to hit all seven!

Whip & Skip

Whip the pucks around the hairpin curve and skip into the scoring rings! How high can you score?