Dance Shows

Polynesian Dancers

You can almost feel the warm winds of the South Pacific as Polynesian dancers perform entrancing dances from the islands.

Bollywood Dancers

India comes to life with brilliant colours, and exotic moves in true Bollywood style.

Brazilian Dancers

Why wait for Caribana? We offer the best Brazilian dancers this close to the 49th parallel! So fluff your feathers and prepare to get swept up in the rhythm of the islands!

Flamenco Dancers

Castanets and thundering rhythm signal your arrival in Spain as performers present the country’s fiery dance; the Flamenco.

Belly Dancers

We dare you to sit still while watching the amazing moves of these belly dancers. Sure to be a massive crowd pleaser.

Latin Dance

It’s not just for Dancing with the Stars! Feel the passion of the Latin Dance right at your own event!


Invite these edgy street dancers to come and defy gravity with their breathtaking flips and jaw dropping moves.