Candy Concepts

5 Foot Candy Cane Prop

These whimsical candy canes will add character to any Christmas or Candy land themed event. Fabulous for photo opportunities. Pair two together to make an excellent entrance way.

7 Foot Lollipop Prop Turquoise

Take your event décor to the next level.

7 Foot Lollipop Prop Purple

Large and impressive this giant purple lollipop prop makes quite a statement. Great for photo opportunities. Perfect for a candy or purple themed event.  

Candy Princess

Come meet our very own Strolling Candy Princess! This gorgeous belle will be costumed in a beautifully designed candy inspired gown and handing out gourmet lollipops to all of your guests. Our princess is sure to be a sweet treat for everyone.

Candy Girl

You’ve meet our Candy Princess, now meet our Candy Girl! With her mobile candy cart she can bring the treats to you!  

Vintage Candy Cart

A unique twist on a sweet trend, this incredible Vintage Candy Cart is one of a kind.

Theatre Concession Stand

Perfect for upscale and Hollywood themed events. A scaled down replica of a real theatre concession stand!!

Mobile Hot Chocolate Cart

Warm up this season with delicious gourmet hot chocolate from our Mobile Hot Chocolate Cart. Guests can relax at their tables and be served up some delicious Hot Chocolate by our Glittering Hot Chocolate Girl. A sweet delight for any season, but especially those cool winter events.

Twister Candy Station

A new “spin” on the traditional candy station, this 360 degree candy display will satisfy any sweet tooth.  

Mobile Candy Cart

Our Mobile Candy Cart is ready to weave among your guests and bring our fantastic candy options right to them!