Photo Activities

Slow Motion Video Booth

Because life is funnier in slow motion!

Green Screen

Custom backgrounds to suit any theme.

SocialPix Photo Booth

Grab up to 11 of your closest friends… unlimited pix and good times!!


Simply flip the pages to watch your 7 second movie come to life!!!

Flip Book Studio

The Flipbook Studio is a great way to provide your quests with an alternative to traditional photography keepsakes. Flip Books are comprised of 60 pages of photos, you simply flip the pages to watch your 7 second movie come to life.

GIF Studio Photo Booth

This specialized booth prints photos and creates an animated GIF file to post to social media and email to friends.

Glow Party Photo Station

Strike a pose, smile and dance with light to add some glow effects to your next photo!

Digital Graffiti Wall

Guests can digitally paint on their own photo with infrared spray cans.

Roaming Professional Photographer

Hire a professional photographer to document all the amazing moments that you are too busy to catch.

The Polarrazzi

Vintage photography meets instant technology!