Temporary Tattoos & Body Art

Face Painting

Professional artists offering a variety of incredible designs for both teens and children of all ages.

Glitter Tattoo Station

More than 50 different designs and over 20 color glitters to select from. These stunning tattoos can last up to 7 days.

Airbrush Tattoos

We guarantee the brightest colors and offer over 100 different designs.

Matte Tattoos

Want the look of some real “ink”? Our Matte Tattoos are a fantastic alternative!

Unicorn FX Station

Unicorn fans watch out for this unique new station. The ultimate station for cosplay fanatics!!!

Jewelry Tattoos

These jewelry inspired tattoos are perfect for parties, festivals or any event you want to show off your bling.

Glow FX Station

This innovative station is perfect for any glow party or Blacklight event!! Guest will be offered UV Face Painting, UV Hair Chalking and UV Glitter Tattoos.

Hair Flair Station

Guests choose from hair beading, extensions, glitter, temporary color and/or feathers.

iRock Eyelash Station *NEW!

Guests can step up their look with bold colors and jewels and outrageous lashes in a range of designs.