3 Pitch Softball

Take me out to the ball game! We will provide all necessary equipment rentals to host a casual baseball tournament that will last approximately one hour in length. Upon arrival, each guest will receive a bandana representative of their team color. Team Captains will be elected by their teammates and will be responsible for determining the batting order. Root, root, root for the Home Team!

3 Pitch Softball Includes:

  • 1 Umpire for the duration of Game
  • Umpire Equipment Rentals Including:
    • Mask & Helmet
    • Shin Guards
    • Chest Protector
    • Mitt
  • Player Equipment Rentals Including:
    • 15 Baseball Gloves
    • 2 Bats
    • 5 Balls
    • 3 Bases
  • Team Color Bandanas for each participant

We also offer portable batting cages, radar guns, baseball simulators and professional athletes.