Squish Fast Food-(unit of 12 pack-$29.99/unit)
Squish Donut Backpack Clip-(unit of 12-$29.99/unit)
3″ Bling Clip Keychain-(unit of 12-$35.40/unit)
Gingerbread Kid Cookie-Nut Free
Squish Sloth-(12 pack minimum $35.99/case)
Snowman Cookie Kit-Nut Free
Gingerbread House Cookie Kit-Nut Free
Glow Fun Pack Lootbag
Light Up Antlers
Crayola Pip Squeaks Create & Color
Candy Limbo Stick
Flip Sequin Backpack
Gingerbread Family Cookie Kit-Nut Free
Shrink Fun Jewelry
Ornament Melted Candy Cookie-Nut Free
EZ Build Gingerbread House Kit-Nut Free
EZ Build Gingerbread Village Kit-Nut Free
EZ Build Gingerbread Train Kit-Nut Free