We do a lot of things with light: we use it to brighten up our homes; we “shed” light on new findings; we shine a lot on popular trends. Pop! Events is proud to announce that you can now do something completely new with it: paint!


Yes, that’s right. With our Glow Party Photo Booths you can use light to paint crazy designs that make your pictures as wild and zany as the party you are at. Here’s how it works!


Our Glow Party Photo Booths are a brand new take on the classic photo booth, except this time there’s a whole lot more fun to be had. First, you and your friends go into the pitch black photo room, and after a short countdown the fun begins!


You and your friends go as crazy as possible for a few short seconds, the photos are sent to a printing station, and voila! You’ve got awesome pictures of everyone painting beautiful designs with the light in the room!


What’s the science behind it?

Just like all camera technology, our Glow Party Photo Booth starts with light exposure. The shutter opens up and flashes light into the room, but what makes this technology different is that the shutter remains open for an extra 15 seconds, creating captivating coloured-light trails.


You can create funny, unique, and gorgeous light designs in just a few seconds, frame it, and display it on your desk at home. If you really want people to see, then we can get you a digital file to be shared right onto social media. Pop! Events wants to make sure that everyone remembers all of the fun that you had at your event.


Everyone takes pictures at events to remember all the fun times, but how about being in photos where you’ve painted crazy shapes using light? That’s definitely not something you see every day. Our Glow Party Photo Booths will help make your next event that much more fun!