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Sometimes planning an event can be daunting. You may know the where and when, but you are having trouble getting to the how? Our team of dedicated reps have years of planning and experience with all kinds of events. Leave it up to us to ensure your event is one that will be remembered for years to come.

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  • Races

    Get Outdoors with Your Team!

    Remember how fun summer camp was when you were a kid? Just you, your new friends, and endless opportunity to explore your own creativity and the magic of nature. Summer camp was a time when you really Keep reading…

  • Feb 17 2016

    On Trend for 2016: We’ve Got Excitement Coming!

    At Pop! Events, we know that we have to change every year to keep reaching the same level of excitement for our clients. That’s why we carefully follow industry trend reports. Our commitment to what Keep reading…

  • 2016 Blog Week 1 - Photo Booth Interactive Souvenirs

    Photo Booths: Interactive Souvenirs from Your Party

    Photo Booths: Interactive Souvenirs from Your Party

    Who doesn’t love a good silly photo? Everyone wants to leave the party with a photo as a memory, but it’s hard to make sure that you have a g Keep reading…