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Do you need to find an awesome group activity for your next corporate team building event in Toronto? We can help you by providing fun & captivating group activities designed to keep your employees entertained, engaged and motivated!

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Corporate events can be difficult to plan and orchestrate, especially when it’s your sole responsibility to make sure they go through smoothly and to ensure that there are tons of fun indoor or outdoor activities to entertain all your coworkers.

If you’re stuck planning out the corporate party, and have absolutely no idea on what you’ll need, let us help you do the work! Here at Pop Events, team building activities are our specialty. We are more than happy to help you plan entertaining and captivating activities designed to keep your employees engaged and motivated!

Invest in the 10 Top Team Building Activities for Work

Team Building Activities, when done properly creates bonding, trust and communication between employees. You will know when you’ve got it right when the team building exercises create laughter, excitement and most important, Instagram moments! These events need to be planned and executed preferably by a professional event planner. The one mistake that most companies make is that it is a one-time activity. Keep the momentum going strong by creating opportunities for ongoing team building activities.

1. Indoor Team Building Exercises

  • Group Huddles are great for team building. My dentist’s office starts every day with a group huddle where they discuss patients that they will be seeing, difficult cases that need to be handled properly etc. The team supports each other with suggestions and words of encouragement
  • Games are always a fun way to encourage friendly competition, problem solving and burning off steam. Try “Minute to Win It”, based on the TV show. Your team will have great fun with the challenges.

3. Artistic Team Building

  • We have all been to painting workshops as part of a team building experience. But here is a different twist on a team building activity involving art. Paint with wine! Intrigued? Each person will receive a wine starter kit which resembles water colours which is splashed on wet paper. From there participants create an artistic piece to take home with them. Sorry, the wine is not drinkable, but the good news is that you can bring wine and nibbles to the class
  • Another fun artistic team building activity is where one person starts a painting which is timed. When the buzzer goes off the masterpiece moves to another participant and so on until the last team member completes the work of art. This is definitely an instagramable moment and worth framing.

5. Mystery Team Building Activities

  • For a hilarious event that will have your staff talking about it for months to come consider a Murder Mystery. The staff will be divided into groups and they try to solve the murder mystery. Fun props are provided to get everyone on board. This activity results in cooperation and collaboration with your team.
  • Escape Rooms are the ultimate in mystery. In this scenario groups must work together to unlock clues in order to escape within 1 hour. The teams must work together and play off one another’s strengths to reach a common goal. This is a true team effort.

7. Simple Teamwork Games Before the Big Meeting

  • Important meetings can create stress and tension. A good way to relieve that is by planning some short team building activities. A good trust building activity is called Trust Walk. Working in pairs one participant is blindfolded and verbally guided around an obstacle course by a partner. This builds strong communication skills as well as trust.
  • To promote recognition and appreciation this game focuses on team contributions by an individual. Each name goes into a container. Names are chosen randomly, and that person must acknowledge something that his/her coworker has contributed to the company.

9. Pay it Forward Team Building Activities

  • There is no greater feeling than reaching out to someone in need. Incorporate this into a team building exercise. Something as simple as the team getting together to make stuffed animals for the local children’s hospital and then delivering them. A great positive energy between colleagues is realized by this act of kindness.
  • Feeding the hungry is another team building activity that strengthens bonds among the team. Visit a local soup kitchen as a group and help prepare and serve a meal. If there are too many members of the team serving you can always mingle and start conversations with the guests. You may hear some very interesting stories!

2. Outdoor Team Building Activities for work

  • An energetic baseball, soccer or football game where different departments are pitted against each other are great for team spirit and most importantly getting out of the office.
  • Rock climbing is another exciting and innovative team building exercise. It pushes people out of their comfort zone, encourages communication and trust and most of all it is so much fun!

4. Foodie Team Building Activities

  • It is a proven fact that when people eat a healthy well-balanced breakfast they perform better. People who eat together are sharing one of the most basic human needs. Consider dividing your team into groups and each group is responsible for preparing breakfast for the monthly morning meeting. This promotes communication and collaboration amongst the staff.
  • Bring a chef to work! A fun team building activity for work could be something like learning how to bake or how to make sushi. Everyone loves food and it is fun to share the experience of creating a new recipe with your colleagues.

6. Team Building Games

  • Building memorable experiences is what team building is all about. Games can be simple and inexpensive such as giant Jenga or Connect Four. These short team building activities provide for a lot of fun and a welcome change from serious meetings.
  • More elaborate games can be challenging but rewarding. Some will take your employees out of their comfort zone. Something like a city scavenger hunt will encourage your teams to think outside the box and bond as a group. This is a game that should be planned by your favorite event planner to be truly effective.

8. Spirits & Wine Team Building Activity

  • Mention spirits and wine and you get everyone’s attention! For an unforgettable experience for your staff a trip to wine country will spark everyone’s attention. Enjoy an afternoon in the vineyard finding the wine tasting stations and the teams must try to decipher which wines they are tasting. This leads to lots of laughter and some great camaraderie.
  • Break the ice with a corporate Cocktail Making Workshop. Participants will learn new skills while bonding over a great cocktail making lesson. This team building event will undoubtably be the most memorable and the most instagramable event ever!

10. Off the Beaten Track Team Building Activities for Work

  • Out with boring bowling and in with awesome axe throwing. Seriously? Axe throwing has become the go-to destination for celebrities who just “wanna have fun”! Get your team together for a fun time of good-natured competition and bonding. Try it, you’ll love it!
  • For the ultimate team building challenge book a go cart racing experience. Teams are selected and participants will learn how to speed around a track at hair raising speeds, participate in a relay race and even learn how to change a tire! The teams will work together to score points and claim the top step on the podium. This is an inspiring team building event that is challenging, increases interpersonal skills and leads to greater company morale.