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From beginning to end, we guarantee an exceptional experience unmatched by any other Toronto event company. Event Planning, Children’s Entertainment, Toys and Gifts, Craft Stations, Unique Party Rentals and much more!

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Over the past decade and a half Pop! Events Group has organized hundreds of children’s holiday parties for corporations across Ontario. It’s our guarantee that your kids’ holiday party will be an overwhelming success and fun for the whole family.

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You oversee organizing your Corporate Children’s Christmas Party. You need gifts for children of all ages, a venue, entertainment, a caterer… the list goes on and all within a budget! Did you know that you only need ONE contact number for all your event needs?

Over the past decade Pop! Events Group has organized hundreds of successful children’s holiday parties for corporations across Ontario. Our Experience is Your Guarantee!

Nine steps to creating the perfect Children’s Christmas Party

In a very short time you will be hosting your Children’s Corporate Christmas Party and I bet you haven’t even thought about it. Let me help you get started.

1. Setting a Date and Time for the Party

Deciding on a suitable date for the Children’s Christmas party is the first thing on your agenda. It is important that it does not coincide with other corporate events that may be on your agenda. For instance if your company has an adult Holiday Party you would not want it to be on the same date as the children’s party. Also if your company has a union event you should check with the planning committee of the union to make sure that your dates do not coincide.
Budget - You must set a realistic budget. Once that amount has been determined call Pop! Events Group. You will be asked many questions so I suggest having as much information as possible to share with your Party Planner in order for them to create a proposal for you.

3. Invitations

Now that the date and venue have been determined a “Save the Date” should be sent out. You can then follow that with an invitation. Yes, we can do that for you as well! (Do this a minimum of 4 weeks before the event.)

However, if you wish to do the invitations in-house make sure that all the information is included such as date, venue address, and time of party and theme of the party. Do not forget to include an RSVP with a due date.

5. Entertianment

  • If you have a small budget think about what excites and engages children. Balloon twisting clowns and face painters are probably the most popular go-to forms of entertainment. These will give you the biggest bang for your buck. I have seen children line up patiently waiting for their turn and the upside is they come away with an awesome balloon sculpture and a great design on their face.
  • If you have more money to spend some form of music is always welcome. Consider an interactive DJ who can act as an MC as well as getting everyone in the mood for Christmas with popular uplifting Christmas music. And of course, a rousing welcome for introducing Santa is included.
  • There are many carnival and tabletop games to include with your entertainment package and they are generally quite inexpensive.
  • Going forward, craft stations are an amazing addition to Children’s Christmas Parties. You can go with very simple foam ornaments up to the ever popular “Stuff n Animal”. Regardless of which craft fits in your budget, the children love making them and then taking their creation home.
    Speak with your Corporate Event planner for more ideas to entertain the children.

7. Photography

Photography is a must at the party. Everyone wants a photo with Santa and your Events Specialist can suggest many different forms of professional photography.
Another option that many clients opt for is the ever-popular Photo Booth where children, as well as their parents, can ham it up. It is so much fun and a lasting memento of your Corporate Holiday Party.
There are many options to choose from and your sales rep will be able to direct you to the best one for your event.

9. Have the Perfect Event!

So, folks, as you can see there is a lot to get done in a short time. By using Pop! Events Group you will be assured that you have an amazing Children’s Holiday Party.
We will take the workload off your hands so that you can simply enjoy the party and take all the accolades.
If there is anything that you need assistance with, we are here to take your call. Call 416-665-3594 and one of our super friendly staff will be happy to walk you through the procedures!

2. The Venue

The Venue is so important, and, in some cases, it can either make or break your event. In order to streamline costs, many Toronto Corporate Clients are choosing to use their own facilities if the numbers are not excessive. With some innovative decor that your Party Planner will suggest this could be a win-win situation.
However, if this plan will not work your Pop! Event Planners have a great working partnership with many venues ranging from Play Venues, Banquet Halls, Golf Courses, Conference Centres etc. Your Event Planner will assist you in the finding the one that will best suit your needs.

4. Santa Claus & Toys

  • For the Children’s Christmas Party there are two immediate that things that spring to mind. The first of course is Santa Claus. In order to get the best most realistic Santa book him early. Corporate Santa’s get confirmed quickly and by booking early you can take advantage of pre-fall pricing. After October 31st prices tend to rise. Don’t procrastinate!
  • Next is the selection of toys. Pop! Events Group can not only supply you with all of the above, but we also have a showroom filled with up to date popular gifts that come party ready. Your sales representative will be happy to book an appointment with you. Many clients prefer an onsite visit where you can touch, feel and play with the toys.

However, a website conference call where you will be guided through the toy selection without even leaving your desk is ideal for clients who are out of the GTA or even in another province! Either method works amazingly well. If you are insecure about picking out the toys for the Corporate Children’s Christmas Party just ask your consultant if they would make the selection for you. They are in the toy business and they don’t charge any extra for this service! Remember they have the expertise.

6. Decor

We have glossed over entertainment options and I think we are ready to talk decor. Once again if your budget is limited just consider balloon bouquets and at the end of the party the kids can take them home. However, if you do have a more substantial budget Balloon Sculptures add so much to the Children’s Corporate Christmas party. Once again, your Corporate Event Planner can put together some great ideas for decor including themed events.

8. Menus

Food! The sky is the limit here. Most of the Corporate Christmas Parties are held in the morning. A continental breakfast menu is always a good route to go especially if you have a small budget. Muffins, Christmas cookies, milk, juice and coffee and tea are always appreciated. Or you can go all out and do a traditional “Breakfast with Santa” Menu.
This usually consists of a hot breakfast including eggs, bacon, bagels and rolls, pancakes, pastries and fruit etc. Consult with your Corporate Event Planner for additional ideas for menus.