Your Summer Picnic Can Be a Walk in The Park!!!

Are you planning a company picnic for employees and their families?
Pop! Events Group can help you plan and execute the perfect day.

Planning a Company Family Picnic?

Put our skills to work for you! Through organizing hundreds of summer picnics we have refined our system down to a science. Experience our signature event “ring of amusements” for yourself!

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Fun and Engaging Family Corporate Events Everyone Can Enjoy

If you’re looking for the perfect family corporate events in Toronto, you’ve come to the right place. At Pop! Events Group, we specialize in corporate events that your employees and their whole families can enjoy.

While every family corporate event is unique, there’s nothing quite like the fun and relaxation of a company picnic for employees and their families. It’s a great solution for your family corporate event during the summer months, and we’re here to help you plan and execute the perfect day.

Planning a memorable corporate family picnic is what we do best. We’ll take away the stress of designing, planning, and managing your family corporate events in Toronto so you can enjoy the day and spend time with your family.

Backed by our track record of excellence and our years of experience in the industry, our events are made unique through a wide range of services that are sure to delight your guests. Our family corporate events can be customized with the addition of the following services:

You can choose any combination of services from our list to make your company picnic a unique experience for all involved. We’ll also handle all the logistical details, from venue selection to full set-up, staffing and co-ordination of your event.

Contact us and let’s make it happen!