Why Choose Pop!


What makes us Different?

  • pop-burst_yurpleMarket Leader in Innovation
    We are always the first past the post when it comes to carrying new lines of products and offering new services. Our competition always seems to follow our example. Our fresh perspective and in depth research keeps us ahead.
  • Holistic Approach
    We arrive at decisions and establish practices by looking at our customers’ needs as a whole and integrating our team within the overall process. Suggestions from employees regarding all aspects of the company are valued and often implemented. We are always striving to improve and evolve in order to make our customers’ experience better and we strongly believe that our employees are our best means to help achieve this goal.
  • Team Attitude
    The sales support team work very closely with salespeople to continually improve the customers overall experience. From the moment we greet our customers at the door of our showrooms to the moment a guest walks into an event, we work together as a single unit to ensure that the customer is 100% satisfied.
  • Social and Environmental Responsibility
    At Pop! we always try to consider our impact on the environment and the world. We encourage our customers to make better choices. We offer environmental and recycling programs for our events. We sell bio-degradable packaging. In addition we promote companies that carry environmentally conscious products.
  • Professionally Trained Staff
     At Pop! we never use staffing companies. All of the staff who help to execute events for Pop! have been specifically trained by Pop! executives and many have been in the field and working with our company for years. That means that all our events are staffed with knowledgeable and experienced individuals. As the customer you receive far superior service and end up paying significantly less for staff.

Our Toy Line

  • Market Trends
    We sell products that kids and adults alike will be excited about. We go to great lengths to stay on top of current trends so that our toys are relevant to the end user.
  • Older Children
    We pay special attention to satisfy the 10+ age group. This is a major point of focus in our toy buying as this is the hardest age group to satisfy.
  • Younger Children
    As young parents ourselves we are very much in tune with what parents of children 0-2 prefer. We carry the brands and styles of toys that speak to this generation.
  • Quality
    Our customers are always trying to find the biggest and best products for their money. Thus, it would be easier for us to focus all of our attention on perceived value. However, we choose to concentrate on purchasing products that offer great quality. This gives the end user the most play value and enjoyment of the product itself.
  • Sustainable
    Whenever possible, we carry products from companies that are environmentally and socially responsible. We give special attention to products that are made from safe, non-toxic materials and that are manufactured in Europe/North America.
  • Outside the Box
    We don’t base our buying on the fact that “that’s the way it has always been done” we try to always think outside the box and consider new possibilities for our line.
  • Value added products
    We carry the largest line of value added products such as loot bags, novelties, party supplies and crafts in order to create a “One Stop Shop” for our customers.

Our Sales approach

  • Understanding our Customers Needs from the Beginning
    We map out our quotes as if we are already planning the event for you. This means that we only suggest elements that will work with your specific event requirements (e.g. venue size, number of guests)
  • Clear and Easy to Understand Event Quotes
    Our quotes/proposals take out all of the guess work out of planning your events. With our itemized quotes, you will always know what is included with no surprises at the end. We include full descriptions of what is included as well as full color pictures.
  • The Buying Experience
    We approach the showroom experience with an unparalleled enthusiasm and sense of fun! We take the time to demonstrate and explain the products and services thoroughly. We encourage customers to test their limitations and trust our product knowledge.
  • Entertainment
    Our showrooms are set up to offer a fun filled, visually stimulating and entertaining experience for our customers from start to finish. We want the showroom visit to be the most exciting part of our customer’s work week.
  • Flexibility
    We work hard to accommodate our customers’ needs whether they are logistical, budgetary or otherwise.

All you need to do is work with us once and we guarantee, you will see the difference!