Who doesn’t love Canada Day? The long weekend, the hot weather, and the chance to feel patriotic are the perfect elements for those who love a celebration. This year’s Canada Day party must be extra special—it’s our country’s 150th birthday! Oh, Canada, you don’t look a day over a 100.
Check out our 10 unique and memorable ideas that you can add to your Canada Day celebrations.


Personalized Hockey Pucks

It’s our civic duty to honor hockey on Canada Day. So why not get creative with how you score that? Our caricature artists can turn any puck into the NHL masterpiece of your dreams. Have you ever wanted to see what you’d look like as a hockey player? Or maybe you want your own MVP trophy puck. The possibilities are endless!


Maple Taffy Pops

 These sweet pops are a part of our Canadian heritage, dating back hundreds of years. Streaks of hot maple syrup get poured over crushed ice. Then, using a wooden stick, the maple syrup gets scooped into a perfect pop. Naturally, your Canada Day event has to include one of our maple taffy pop stations.


Maple Syrup Flavored Snow Cones

It’s the hot summer, so of course you want a cold, Canadian treat at your party. Keeping up with the theme of foods that make Canada so special, how about you invite Polar Pete and his SnoKones to add some maple flare to your celebrations?


Canadiana Inspired Stilt Walkers

Nothing says “celebratory mood” more than the zany personality of stilt walkers. For this year’s Canada Day, we can bring you stilt-walking characters like a Mountie or a hockey referee. If you don’t do something special for our nation’s 150th birthday, then when?


Caesar Cocktail Station

A Caesar station will remind your guests that Canada is the birthplace of the tastiest cocktail in existence. The fun of building your own cocktail—and the added patriotism of the occasion—will keep your guests coming back for more! Have it served by one of our flare bartenders to really add some pizzazz!


Poutine Station

We take pride in our food stations here at Pop! Events. Needless to say, our poutine station is a must-have at your Canada Day party. You don’t have to head to a restaurant to get your hands on those fries, delicious gravy and perfectly textured cheese curds.


Canada Colors Themed Candy Station

 Candy is universally loved (we all have a favourite). Your family, friends and work colleagues will appreciate the excuse to indulge their sweet tooth under the excuse of patriotism. How do you choose the perfect Canada-themed candy station? It’s all in the colours!


A good old fashioned BBQ or picnic

Canada is an incredible piece of land. With mountain ranges, awe-inspiring prairies, fresh lakes and unique forests, it’d be a shame not to go outside and take it all in on the country’s birthday. We can help you set up a memorable picnic or a BBQ at a park for you and your guests.


Fishing Pond Game for the kids

It might seem like an odd inclusion, but here’s the catch. Fishing is a cultural and economic mainstay in this country. And, like we mentioned earlier, Canadians are lucky to have tons of freshwater lakes and rivers to fish from. Patriotism aside, kids just love a good carnival game, and our Gone Fishin’ game is perfect for the occasion.

Canada themed temporary tattoos and body art

Why not decorate your skin with some with some Canadian-inspired art? The best part is that anyone, regardless of age, can take part in this fun activity. Cover yourself in maple leafs, or our unique wildlife, or adorn your hair with red and white. It’s a party, after all!
You’re now ready to start organizing a great party full of that wonderful patriotic feeling. Just get in touch with us and we’ll help you put it all together!