Are you in charge of the event party planning committee?

Being tasked with coming up with new ideas for a company event isn’t always as easy as it looks. Often times it feels like when it comes to corporate events, everything has been done before. Most party coordinators simply aren’t up to the task of making a corporate party a fun affair (without a little help that is).

And that, folks, is probably why the corporate events you’re used to involve gnawing on recently unfrozen shrimp and having painful conversations with from Stan from accounting.

“Yes, it is weird that your seedlings require eastern light to sprout, Stan.”

Please don’t put your staff members or fellow employees in a tight situation with Stan.

Instead, crank up the fun factor with Popevents!

Yeah. We said fun factor.

Here’s how you do it:

1.  Everyone loves donuts, so get donuts.

No, seriously — everyone loves donuts, especially fresh, on the spot made donuts (just try this mini donut station and you’ll see your staff flock to it).

2. Bring back old times with the favorite games of everyone’s youth!

Plinko, ping pong, Pac Man, Roller Bowler — we’ve got all your favorite arcade games for hours of fun!

3. Please put people in sumo suits. It’s so funny and all of your staff will think so too.

Do the short days and cold Toronto weather got you and your employees down? Just put two people in sumo suits. Have them wrestle, ask them to dance and watch how fast things heat up. It’s seriously hilarious.

4. Bring back the good old times, and the food to go with it — “vintage” food and candy.

Remember those colored sugar dots and those fun-looking suckers? Can’t remember what those fudge things were called, but you like ‘em? We’ve got that. It’s our vintage candy cart, and employees love it. Fun to reminisce, fun to look at, fun to eat.

5. Ready, set go! It’s the Bungee Run

Remember how it’s so funny to see people in sumo suits?

Well, it’s equally as fun to watch them try to run on an inflatable track when they’re attached to a bungee cord.

6. Let your staff take pictures of themselves. They’ll seriously love it.

At any event, hands down, the most popular activity is the photo booth. Young, old, introvert, extrovert, everyone loves a great picture of themselves. And that’s all this photo booth takes — great pictures.

7. Cotton candy that lights up? Are you serious?

No, that’s just for kids! Says WHO?! There are no rules when it comes to cotton candy. Everyone loves the smell and taste of fresh cotton candy, no matter what the age! (And yes it really lights up with LED lights!).

8. You can play Family Feud at work. How cool is that?

You know that game show you used to watch on TV when you had the flu and had to stay home from school?

Well, it’s out of the TV and into your office! You can now play the game in real life — complete with buzzers, light up screens, and the host (okay, you have to get your own host, but still.) It’s the new karaoke and so much easier on the ears!

9. Let your staff play giant Jenga.

Because how could a giant game of Jenga not be fun? Bring out the competitive side of your staff with this game and they will be entertained for hours.

10. Ice cream sandwich bar … bar … anyone?

You can’t roll a real bar to the office. But you can bring an ice cream sandwich bar bar to the office. We actually think it’s better than alcohol, and your employees will too! (PS. All the fixings included!)

Start Planning Your Next Corporate Event Today!

Any of these ideas sound enticing? They should!

Try one, some, or all of them out at your next corporate event, your employees will certainly thank you for the fun and memories. Get started today by requesting a quote for any of the ideas in this list that pique your interest, go with the pros and Contact Pop Events today! (416) 665-3594