Ah, the great outdoors. Nature and enough space to hear yourself think! Heading out into the wilderness with a few friends is one of the oldest Canadian pastimes, and in a country with so much unspoiled nature, the great outdoors is a natural choice for team building events. With many great recreation spots just a stone’s throw from Toronto, Pop! Events offers great outdoor team building event themes. If you do choose this type of event, then don’t forget these 3 essentials!

Hot Dogs

The ultimate picnic food, hot dogs are an iconic part of North American cuisine. Eating outdoors just doesn’t look right without a grilled hotdog, a bun, and tons of mustard. If you are setting up a team building event outdoors, then your choice is clear – you need hot dogs. Pop! Events’ BBQ catering can get you some of the best around. We will make sure that your employees end the day with full stomachs!


It seems like everywhere you look outdoors during nice weather there is a group of people playing volleyball, and for good reason! It’s fun, it’s simple, and it’s an awesome workout. Bringing one along on an outdoor team building event is a necessity. Hit it up, spike it down as hard as possible, and celebrate with your friends as you destroy the other team! Pop! Events has all of the equipment that you need for your next event.

Water Balloon Fight

Is there anything more fun than throwing things at your friends? Probably not! Filling up balloons with water and hurling them as hard as you can at your opponents is so satisfying – not to mention perfectly safe and easy. What makes them great is that they are so simple to use and help cool everyone down when the weather is scorching. Water balloon fight!

Water balloon toss


At Pop! Events, we have extensive experience running team building events in the Greater Toronto Area, so we know a thing or two about how to have a good time and create bonds within a team. We provide a wide range of rentals and themes, but if you really want to have some fun, then you can’t do without these 3 things for your next outdoor team building event.