There’s a reason why people love throwing a ball at a target, and, if their aim is true, being rewarded by seeing a friend plunge feet-first into a pool of water below — because it’s awesome! Dunk tanks have been a staple of parties and events for a long time now, and with Pop! Events rentals for your corporate team building events, you can add that extra jolt of energy to get the excitement going. Here are 3 perfect occasions for a dunk tank, and one of them just might have something to do with us!



We’re sure that everyone’s hometown had a local fundraising event where the chief of police, an education director, or a local restaurateur was sat down on a seat and forced to await their fate. Fundraisers are a great event for dunk tanks because people just can’t help paying for their chance to send a local figure plummeting into the water – especially if that money is going to charity!



Every carnival has a dunk tank, because if it doesn’t have a dunk tank, then it isn’t a real carnival; in fact, the two are inseparable. There’s always a battle-hardened carnival worker who is so used to the water that they aren’t fazed by the surprise and chill that follow a bullseye hit. If you’re looking to get in on the fun, then you know the place to go is your local fairgrounds!


Teambuilding picnics

Summertime team building events are the perfect occasion for a dunk tank. What better way to break the ice in a team than by sending each other crashing into the water? Not only do they help cool everyone off, they are a whole lot of fun! See who can dunk the most colleagues or see who’s brave enough to sit in the chair the longest! Pop! Events has brought them to tons of teambuilding events around the Toronto Area, and they are always a hit.


Livening up your next team building event in Toronto is as easy as throwing a ball at a target and watching your friends go falling into the pool. These 3 perfect dunk tank occasions cannot be passed up. Contact us next time you need exciting teambuilding rentals. And make sure to ask for the dunk tank!