You’ll hear the term “team-building” thrown around a lot when it comes to office morale and corporate events. But what’s the big deal?

Essentially, team-building is about promoting communication, bonding, mutual respect, and morale between employees. It’s great for corporate events because employees get to spend time with each other and work together outside the office.

Your staff will find themselves in unique situations that have nothing to do with their jobs — and that’s actually a great thing.

Olympic-style team-building events include exercises and games that can get people talking, laughing, trying, succeeding (and failing) while having fun in a new situation.

Some of the particular benefits can include:

  • The ability to more clearly define goals and objectives
  • Improving problem-solving skills
  • Identifying individuals’ strengths and weaknesses and how each person works best in a team environment
  • Improving leadership skills
  • Identifying key barriers that may be holding the team back from progress or creativity

5 Olympic Team-building Ideas Everyone in Your Office Will Love

Olympic-style events are going to let your employees have some fun and let their hair down. There aren’t really any stakes (other than prizes and awards you may choose), so the atmosphere is relaxed. Still, you’ll notice right away that your employees take these games seriously. Creative juices will flow, conflicts will arise — and be solved, and bonds will be made.

All the good stuff a company can benefit from!

Choosing which particular games you want to be included is up to you, but make sure you “read the room.” Choose “Olympic games” that will work for your employees that you feel they can excel in.

One way to approach choosing your team-building events is to consider where you see your staff needing improvement.

Is everyone new? Okay, they need to get to know each other better.

Are there any conflicts between employees? You’ve got to get them to work amiably together toward a common goal.

Do you feel creativity is at an all-time low? Fun challenges and puzzles will be just what you’re team are in need of.

Here are 5 specific and Olympic ideas to get you started!

1.  Play Ball! With Games Galore …

Naturally, the Olympics provide an arena for sports like hockey and volleyball to be performed, but at your corporate event, who says “official sports” must be the “name of the game”?

Pop Events has numerous fun game ideas that aren’t necessarily in the Olympics but fit the bill perfectly for corporate events. Simple games like the carnival ring toss or ping pong can just add some fun to the atmosphere of your event — something for people to do — or you can get more serious … Inflatable challenges and games are actually quite exciting, extremely safe, and can help your employees work more cohesively. They’re also hilarious to watch and participate in.

For example, consider Sumo Suit “fighting,” the “Bungee Run,” or Inflatable Interactive Basketball. Enough said.

2. Why Feud, When You Can Family Feud??

Minute to Win It and Family Feud are two awesome game show style activities that can bring the whiz kids among your staff to the forefront.
For example, with Family Feud will bring employees together on teams in order to guess correct answers. Family Feud will test teams by having them try to guess correct answers based on what they think the majority of people who were previously surveyed had answered.
Minute to Win It is also game show style. The premise is a combination of skill-testing challenges and brain teasers that require teams to work together and answer in the quickest time possible.

These types of exercises may seem like they are all fun and games but they are actually encouraging positive teamwork and communication. These are skills that can be taken back and applied in the workplace.

3. It’s Tee Time

Got a group of golfers on your hands? You’re in luck.

Tons of fun golf games are available, and while some of them actually require at least a bit of golf experience and skill, all games are ultimately perfect for everyone. Try a Portable Mini Golf Course (yes, you can take it with you!) for outdoor events, or consider the super fun inflatable Golf Chipper. And yes, golf is an Olympic sport … sometimes.

4. The Great Employee Cook-Off!

Showcasing various talents among your employees should be one of your goals. At Pop Events, we can whip up a great sense of competition with our BBQ Masters or Culinary Superstars games, which test the abilities your team members have to create delicious dishes and foods under pressure and with the clock ticking.

Not only is this an excellent way to let the chefs among your staff shine, but it also results in some great eats once the game is finished! Renting the equipment and food ingredients required for such activities is a breeze.

5. Race to the Finish!

And of course, we can’t end this list of ideas without a tip-of-the-hat to real Olympic races.

Hearts are pounding, people are shouting, and jitters abound. You get to decide what your employees will be racing toward. Most of the races for team building Toronto businesses are looking for don’t actually involve  full-out foot racing (although it’s an option!). Instead, relay races (with different types of challenges you must complete at each leg) could be a stellar idea. Similarly, obstacle course races can be equally as challenging as relays and a bit more, ahem, laugh-inducing.

Set the Date for Your Next Corporate Event

As manager of your office, director of human resources, or the owner of your own business, it’s up to you to get the ball rolling when it comes to planning a team building event.

You’re in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly and ensuring the event is effective at team-building, and you’re responsible for how good of a time everyone has. Which can be daunting at first but don’t sweat it!

Turn to an event planner who can do the planning, renting, organizing, and fun-promoting for you. The event planners Toronto business owners and managers are looking for offer full service planning. Basically, you tell them the date, how many people will be there, your budget, and answer a few questions about the vibe, style, food, gifts, amenities and events (hopefully Olympic events), and boom — you’re set.

To get started planning your company’s next corporate event, go with the pros and Contact Pop Events today! (416) 665-3594

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