A Candy giveaway is a modest and efficient way to breathe some life into an event; whether a corporate event, wedding or brand activation. Unfortunately, event organizers often overlook this. However, candy can be a real event changer whether used as decoration or a treat. Candy is loved by most people and comes in diverse colors and flavors. Here’s how candy can elevate your event to a whole new level.

The Perfect Leave Behind 

Candy giveaways can be the difference between leaving a memorable impact or being forgotten. What’s more, creative packaging gives you the opportunity to put a message directly into your guests hands to ensure the perfect take away. Consider making gift bags for double or triple the number the guests you plan on having. People often go back for more candy and having extra bags on hand also gives you the opportunity to get a referral if they give a second goodie-bag to a friend.

Enhance the Theme of Your Event With an Extra Splash Of Colour

If there is one thing we know about candy, it’s that it is colourful! It can be used in various places to make a venue pop. From candy centerpieces to more elaborate themes, candy can be use as a (delicious) tool to draw people’s attention to where you want it. To make it more interesting you can even apply wrappers with personalized messages to the candy, or make candy combos (like kabobs) to have some fun. This makes the event more engaging.

Provide a Unique Selection – Let Your Guests Graze!  

Candy buffets are stunning and memorable. All the candy is put in one place and everybody picks his or her favorite. Here, you can also highlight the theme of the event; for example, if it is beach wedding, you can incorporate Swedish fish, salt-water taffy and much more. If it’s a corporate event, don’t be shy with corporate colors and branded edible crafts . Either way, you’ll want to make sure to rent your candy cart for a few extra hours so that your (very happy) guests can come back and enjoy at their leisure.

It’s Not Always Wrong To Play With Your Food!

Candy’s can be used to play fun games, especially where kids are involved. Candy games are engaging, mesmerizing and loads of fun. A game like “touch the rainbow” where players are armed with a single straw and have to move skittles from one cup to another, a short distance away, is captivating and memorable. When the game is over, they can then be treated to their favorite candy.

Everybody has good memories of candy and is a great addition to any event. A full-service events company will have access to all the classic favourites and new trends, as well as tons of ways to make your candy pop!