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Summer has ended with the passing of Labor Day, and suddenly the holidays and all of the events that come with them don’t seem all that far away. Putting together a corporate party isn’t like making a dinner reservation; holiday parties require time and expertise to get them done right, so it’s best to start planning now to avoid being left in the lurch. But wait – before you start panicking and calling venues, there are a few critical details you need to have sorted out. And if you plan on hiring a corporate event planner, these are the first questions they will ask you:

What’s Your Number?

Finding a venue that will fit your budget and needs is difficult if the number of people attending is unknown. In a more formal setting, a plus one is normally the standard. If the party has a casual theme, allowing the employees to invite over one guest can be appropriate. The number of guests attending will determine the amount of food and space needed, plus affect the overall cost, so figure out your estimated guest list before you even start.

Dress it For Success

Choosing a theme is an important item to have locked down before you book the party. A casino style party won’t do well outside, and a barn might be inappropriate for a high tech event for city-dwellers. To choose a successful theme, ask your employees what they would be interested in, or do some research on current trends. Your theme will influence your colour choices, décor, entertainment, and sometimes even your food! Pleasing everyone is nearly impossible, but feedback on what people enjoy will help make the event a success in all those areas.

You Are What You Eat

Everyone loves food, but choosing the options that you’ll offer can be overwhelming. Before choosing a menu, determine the style in which it will be served. A sirloin steak sounds delicious, but won’t hold well on a buffet style serving station. A sit down meal will require a larger staff while a buffet style will require additional space. There’s also appetizers and desserts to consider as well… Hopefully by now you’ve chosen a theme and you can pick a type of food and service style to match.

The Music Makers

Entertainers require certain needs to perform at their best. A live band or DJ requires space for lighting, power hook-ups, microphones, amps, sound system tables, and much more – and if dancing is going to be an option, you’ll need a dance floor, lights, and other considerations – maybe even a disco ball! Even a small orchestral ensemble has spacing and power needs. Even if you’re going the SmartPhone DJ route you’ll still need power for speakers!

Show Me the Money

Every detail that goes into a successful party, whether large or small, has a cost associated with it. Knowing your maximum budget before booking anything is necessary. Not knowing this can lead to all of your money being spent on a venue and food, with nothing left to for entertainment and prizes. If you are having trouble trying to crunch the numbers, it may be time to consult a pro!

Get By With a Little Help From Your Friends

Most likely, you want to enjoy the party too. This is where an on-site coordinator can make your life easier. They’re the ones who will ensure the band has what they need, and that the kitchen is refilling the buffet table when necessary. You worked hard to put this party together; the last thing you want is to be pulled in a dozen different directions to deal with issues you might not know how to resolve.

Time to Start the Party!

There you have it – if you get these 5 ducks in a row you’re ready to go! We understand that planning an event can be overwhelming, so we’re here to help. If you’d like a free quote for your upcoming corporate holiday party, call us at 647-499-6722 and we’ll help you out. Happy planning!