Traditional face painting has long been a staple for kids’ parties. The classic butterfly or tiger face is a fond memory for most of us. However, traditional face painting has its limitations. Nowadays a trendier option is airbrush art, which has all the fun of traditional face painting with a more contemporary look. Our subtler, more artistic aesthetic will have both adults and kids lining up.


This year, create art, not mess. Gone are the days of clumsy efforts with thick make up crayons and minimal color selection. Airbrush art is nuanced and gorgeous on the skin, appealing to adults and children alike.


With airbrush art, the color possibilities are endless. We guarantee that you will be astonished by the beautiful palette at your disposal. Our color selection means that we can create a bewitching sunset, or capture the delicate shades of a bird in flight.

Temporary Tattoos

Airbrush art is like a temporary tattoo, but more fun. With airbrush art, you have the chance to select from a dazzling array of stencils that look as real as the real thing – without the pain. Airbrush art is perfect for your teenager who wants to look like Justin Bieber, or for you to get that dolphin tattoo you always wanted!

Party Favors

Who says airbrush art has to be just on the skin? If you want a more permanent moment of the party, consider our air brush art merchandise – they are the perfect addition to any closet. These pieces will have your guests reminiscing about your party long after they have gone home. Our personalized air brush pieces include hoodies, hats, and T-shirts.

Ice Breaker

If you are planning an event with shy kids or adults who don’t know each other, this is the perfect way to get them to relax and start mingling. You can tell a lot about an adult (or kid) by what stencil or colors they choose! The costuming effect of these temporary tattoos or designs will ensure that your guests are laughing and talking in no time. Perfect for a whole class party or adult meet and greet.


Airbrush art lasts longer than face paint, meaning that your guests can enjoy their art long after they have gone home. Don’t forget to get pictures though! We know you will want to document the beautiful designs.