Many of us look back fondly on the 1980s, thinking of the all of the awesome (and sometimes not awesome) music, styles, and cultural fads that shaped the face of modern pop culture. This decade was full of ground breaking technology, massive political revolutions, and changes in cultural attitudes towards some very new things, but one thing that really sticks out in our minds is the toys that helped make a generation of kids happy.

Great new cartoons helped drive demand for a new era of toy making, and believe it or not many of them are making a comeback due to reboots and nostalgic trends. POP! Events is always on top of the best toy trends, so here are a few 80s toys that people are going crazy for today.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT)

They’re the world’s most fearsome fighting team, and these reptilian crime fighters are coming back now stronger than they’ve ever been. Raised by a zen master rat, Splinter, the TMNT are dedicated to the way of the ninja – and pizza. After taking over the world in the 1980s, these guys are back because of the smash hit movie reboot, and are still on the prowl for the evil Shredder and his Foot Clan nearly 30 years later.


My Little Pony

Started in the early eighties as the answer to the dreams of every little girl that wanted a pony, My Little Pony was a toy line that reached its heyday in the 1980s, spawning everything from animated specials to movies and television series. Featuring beautiful flowing manes, unique symbols on their sides, and colourful styles, this toy line has stormed back to popularity after the launch of the newest series a few years back.


Star Wars

It wouldn’t be fair to the greatest science-fiction franchise of all time to say that it’s making a comeback. In reality, Star Wars never went out of style. Ever since being released in the 1970s, this series of epic space opera movies has captivated audiences and made people go crazy for any kind of memorabilia they could get. After the Return of the Jedi came out in the early 80s, the franchise was at its height. Now, after the three new episodes and the latest installment, this movie has reached a whole new generation; and they’ve responded. Kids are going crazy for any and all things Star Wars, and POP! Events is doing everything we can to keep up!


Nothing puts a smile on kids’ faces like the awesome toys that POP! Events provides, and we do our best to keep up on toy trends to make sure we get exactly what you’re looking for.