Choosing the perfect theme for your next kid’s party doesn’t have to be a difficult task when you’ve got a bit of inspiration on your side. Hosting a children’s Christmas party is a great excuse to let your inner child come out to play. So be creative and think out of the box this year when selecting a theme that everyone will love. And don’t get caught up thinking that the holidays are the only cause for celebration. From staff appreciation to fostering a sense of community between your workers and their families, there’s always a good excuse to party!

Get Creative with One of These Amazing Kids Party Themes


Create a fun space filled with delicious decor to get your party guests excited. Use pops of bright colors with giant lollipops, candy crafts and a game-inspired pathway that leads to your party centerpiece – candy-themed cake! At Pop! Events we even have a Candy Princess entertainer who is sure to put a smile on all the kids’ faces, along with full décor, props, and candy-themed activities, too.

Alice in Wonderland

Go through the looking glass with this fairy tale party theme. Bring your guests on an enchanted journey that features familiar storybook characters like the Red Queen and the Mad Hatter, and high tea and treats that are fit for a king or queen. The oversized décor and stilt-walking entertainers will make your guests feel like they’ve been transported to Wonderland while they snack on special Cheshire Cat cotton candy and build their own snow globe at our craft station.

Dr. Seuss

There are few writers that have gotten through to kids in the same way that Dr. Seuss was able to, and that makes a Seuss-themed party a sure fire hit! Choose from your favorite Dr. Seuss story or combine multiple books to come up with a colorful and wacky party theme. Guests will love meeting the Grinch and other favourites like Thing 1 and Thing 2, as well as taking home their custom book bags, special themed cotton candy, and more!

Hollywood Glam

Step onto the red carpet and the world of Hollywood glitz and glam at your next corporate party with glitzy details like a jewelry tattoo station, a paparazzi photo booth and even costumed entertainers right from the big screen itself, like Woody and Buzz Lightyear. You can even go over the top for the special occasion with a talent show and awards ceremony, honoring guests with their very own golden statues.

Mad Scientist

Want something that is a little more educational? Let your employee’s budding young scientists express their talents with this wild and interactive party theme! Kids can take part in the interactive cotton candy laboratory, and the mad scientist show is always a big hit. There are a wide-range of scientific based activities to keep everyone busy – the kids will love conducting experiments of their own and learning how to make slime!

Plan a Kids Party to Remember at Pop!

When planning your next corporate party for kids, don’t forget to have a little fun along the way! Whether you decide to go with a fantasy world theme, or prefer the group get in on the action with a more interactive party, the possibilities for your holiday (and other!) parties are endless with the help of Pop! Events. From wrapped gifts to candy carts, bouncy castles and more –we’ve got everything you need to throw an amazing party.

At Pop! Events Group, we’re proud to be your choice for corporate party planning in Toronto. From wild and zany family team building parties to product launch events and more, we want to help you throw a smashing event that will be remembered by everyone as unique and fun. Get help from the experts by contacting Pop! today.