When it was patented in 1876, few could have guessed just how big the impact of the airbrush would be within a century. What went from a small invention meant to brush paint onto photographic plates has become a pop culture phenomenon!


You can now see this amazing technique in uses like comic book covers, wall murals and even temporary tattoos. At Pop! Events, we put this technique to good use with our interactive party rentals and customized apparel items, but we thought we share some of the amazing uses of airbrush art in popular culture.


Photo retouching

Before the advent of digital photo technology, airbrushing was extensively used to touch up photos and even completely alter them. Think of it as the original Photoshop! In the hands of a skilled artist, it would appear like no alterations had been made at all. It even lives on today in the modeling world where people claim that perfect photos have been “airbrushed”!



When you first think of airbrush, you don’t normally think of makeup for movies, but airbrushing for special effects has been in use since the 1950’s! Now that it is even more popular than ever because of digital camera technology, its advantages can easily be seen. A solid base but thin layers avoid build-up but allows greater detail. All movie industries have embraced the airbrush!


Temporary tattoos

Anyone who knows Pop! Events knows that temporary tattoos and other artwork are our favourites, and the temporary tattoo industry just wouldn’t be the same without airbrushing. An artist sprays the ink onto the skin through a stencil and creates and creates stunning detail. The real advantages is just how much safer it is compared to other methods.


Pop! Events offers awesome airbrush clothing designs for children’s parties in the Toronto area. Not only will it be something that makes the party more fun, it creates a keepsake that everyone can take home!