Music is the fastest way to get everyone on the floor and have fun. Music can make or break an event, which is why Pop! Events has a variety of musical options. With our professional DJs, you can be assured that you will get a reliable professional who is able to engage with the crowd and keep the entertainment appropriate and energetic. No more last-minute cancellations or awkward moments when the DJ plays something nobody likes or is comfortable with – our DJs know how to work a professional event.

Interactive Dance Show with DJ

Dancing elves on stage in large room of kids

This interactive dance event includes professional dancers to get your guests on their feet, and a DJ to keep the music flowing. Perfect for kids’ events, these professionals will have everybody on the floor and have the time of their life.

Interactive DJ

Man DJing with controllers

Our DJ’s are truly professionals. They will take requests, listen to the needs of the crowd, and happily engage with your guests. When you hire our DJs, you know that you will be getting someone who is reliable, amiable, and ready to have a blast at your event.

Specialty Club DJ

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Our specialty DJs have genre-specific expertise. They would be perfect for your 1920s-inspired theme party or a Caribbean night. Whatever the mood is that you are creating for your event, your DJ can take you there. The music is the most important part of a themed event, and our DJs are more than able to deliver.

Dance Floor and Sound Systems

DJ booth

If you’re really looking to pump up the mood, check out our amazing dance floors and sound systems. This is the perfect way to take your event to the next level. You can create the club event vibe without the rude bouncers and overpriced drinks! You’ll love how we are able to transform your event dream into a reality. We can make our dance floors fit your theme event, creating the perfect mood.

If you are looking to create the event of the year, you have to remember the music. It’s where people get the energy to move around, have fun, and loosen up. Your guests are far more likely to have the time of their lives if they are listening to music they love. Whether it is for a corporate gala, children’s holiday event, employee appreciation night, or countless other events, you’ll love how we can take your event to the next level. Give us a call today to find out how Pop! Events can help you have fun.

Kids and dancers on lit up disco floor

Tip: Make sure everyone has water, especially for the interactive dance show. Kids forget to drink water, and so do adults who are having fun! This is the perfect opportunity to hand out branded water bottles and encourage everyone to fill them up. This way everyone stays hydrated, has fun, and remembers your amazing event! Check out our customizable merchandise section for more ideas.