In 1492, Spaniards caught sight of Native Americans slow-roasting meat over a fire pit. This practice would later inspire barbecue (or BBQ) and change world cuisine forever. Whether you dig a pit, use a grill or a slow-cooker, barbecue is one of the world’s most delicious styles of cooking. Although what we’ve come to know as BBQ was born out of the American South, there are actually many different styles across the world.

But who has the world’s best barbecue? There are 3 countries that lay claim to it. Pop! Events provides delicious barbecue catering for many outdoor events in Toronto, and we’d like to leave it up to our customers to decide.


American BBQ

The birthplace of modern BBQ, the American South lays claim to the best BBQ, and it’s hard to argue that the states below the Mason-Dixon line have the best and most unique in the world; Kentucky and Texas the first among them. Because pork was much more common down south than beef at the time, by the time the 19th century had come to a close BBQ had already become synonymous with the slow cooking of pork.

States like South Carolina, North Carolina, Texas, and Kentucky all have special sauces (SC is the only one that recognises 4 distinct kinds!). If you find yourself in Tennessee, Georgia, or Alabama, you’ll always get tomato-based sauce with it. Pulled pork, baby-back ribs, or even Mutton BBQ can be found in the land of Dixie. Just tell us what your favourites are and we will bring them along for your event.


Brazilian BBQ

Known as Churrasco in Portuguese, this style of cooking and eating isn’t what North Americans might consider traditional BBQ. The main meat here is beef, though many other kinds can be used. The dining experience is one of a kind. The waiters move about the place with skewers of roasted meat, and the patrons choose how many slices of which cut they’d like. You can use whichever sauce you’d like to spice it up, but we don’t think you’ll need it!


Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ is also a great dining experience, and unlike the Brazilian form, is much more sedentary. The Koreans usually cook beef, pork, or chicken at the dinner table on a stove in the center. Some of the world’s most delicious marinated dishes are cooked in these establishments. The most popular dish is Bulgogi by far, a marinated beef dish that leaves people wanting more and more until they have to loosen their pants for relief. These restaurants have sprouted up across the world, and are giving traditional BBQ a run for its money.


The real answer to the question of who has the best BBQ in the world is “it’s up to you”. What we do know is that adding BBQ catering to your next company picnic in Toronto is a great idea. Contact us today and let us know if you’re ready for some great food.