The big day is finally here. You did all the planning, booked everything you needed to book, and the catering company is already setting up the grill. Your guests are moments away from arriving, and you’re only now beginning to realize what kind of a day you’re in for. The panic may cause you not to think clearly, terrified of the mess that’s about to ensure. Here’s how you can prevent that, and make sure you enjoy the party just as much as everyone.

Most importantly, keep calm, and keep a clear head throughout the whole party. Drinks will be spilled, things will be broken, and food will be dropped. All of these are normal occurrences at any party, and by throwing an outdoor party, you’ve pre-emptively made sure that nothing inside your house will suffer. Any mess can be cleaned up, and it can be done once all your guests go home for the night. It’s best to simply go with the flow, and embrace any accidents as part of the party itself.

You’re the host, and that makes you the most important person there. Embrace it! Revel in the glory you’ve achieved.


As the VIP of the party, your mood sets the mood of the entire day. That’s why you should be as friendly as possible, so that all your guests feel like they can open up. This is especially important when throwing a team building or company barbecue, as the goal is to encourage greater bonding. By greeting every one of your guests personally, you show them they they’re welcome and encouraged to mingle. Let them know where the food is, where the bathrooms are, what activities are planned for when, and where they can find you should anything arise. If they arrived with guests, get to know them, hand them a drink, and get back to your hosting duties.

Spending just a little bit of time with each guest can really go a long way. It shows them that you appreciate their presence, and care about their comfort. Especially when some of the guests are outsiders from the group, your conversation can help them break the ice. When you’re also handling how the party runs, this may seem like a lot to take on, but all you really have to do is check in once or twice with everyone. Just try to have one memorable moment with each guest, and they’ll remember that moment far into the future!

Finally, make sure to go with the flow, and adapt to whatever happens. Throw some music on in the background, and let guests groove to it as the day goes on. If they head over to do an activity, go along with them, even if that’s not when you planned to do it. If you’re grilling, and no one’s eating, put the food away, and enjoy the conversations that arise. The best way to have fun is to do it naturally, and not to push it on them. When people feel forced to have fun, it rarely results in real enjoyment.

And with all that in mind, go be the best host you can be!