They say that the eyes are windows into our souls. We don’t know if we’d go that far, but we sure do know that using some makeup or eyelash extensions immediately steps up anyone’s look. That’s why we get so many requests for our iRock Eyelash Extension Stations. Did you know that eye decoration is a cultural habit across all societies – and that its history goes back thousands of years? Eye decoration, especially modern mascara, continues to don the faces of hundreds of millions of women across the world. Here’s a bit more about it:


Ancient origins

Even though mascara as we know it wasn’t invented until the 19th century, eye decoration using naturally occurring materials is documented as far back as Ancient Egypt and for sure existed much earlier than that. Egyptians used a substance called kohl to decorate their eyes, which they believed helped ward off evil spirits and enhance beauty. Kohl was made using ingredients such as soot, honey, and water, among other things. Its usage eventually spread to the Greek and Roman world, and further from there.


Victorian times

Believe it or not, the use of makeup was discouraged in the Western World up until Victorian times. Only then was beautification made into a cultural norm. Women usually dedicated their entire day to beauty routines, including using ash and fruit juice to decorate their faces. These handy women made it by themselves in their own homes. Talk about self-sufficient!


Modern Mascara

The invention of petroleum jelly and advancements in technology eventually paved the way for the invention of mascara, which most likely gets its name from the Italian word maschera, meaning mask. Interestingly enough, it was invented at roughly the same time on both sides of the Atlantic, with the American version eventually launching the company Maybelline. Improvements were steadily made to make it less messy, and with the explosion of the post-war Hollywood film industry, eye makeup and eyelash extensions became the universal fashion symbol we know today. Pop! Events iRock eyelash extensions are the latest craze, but we owe a lot to the invention of mascara!


People are always looking for ways to improve their look, so it’s no wonder that eye decoration goes back thousands of years. We are happy to continue that tradition with our iRock eyelash extension stations. With professional makeup artists providing a range of designs there is no way you can go wrong!