Is there anything better than stepping in front of a video recorder, doing wacky, zany things, and seeing it all slowed down so you can laugh at it later? We don’t think so. We love to bring our awesome SloMo video booths to all your corporate events in and around Toronto, and we think there are a few events in particular where having one is simply a must. Here are the best events for a SloMo video booth. We can’t wait to watch the crazy stuff that you do!


Company picnics

Company picnics are great events because of how well they help people bond. When employees get together and bring the kids, a whole lot of fun ensues. Now imagine all of that fun captured by our state-of-the-art SloMo video booth? We can set the apparatus up outside, get everyone jumping on trampolines, and let you relive all of the hilarity.


Team building events

We couldn’t decide which team building event was best – frankly, all of them are great opportunities for some serious fun. Outdoor gatherings, competitions, game events, casino nights, and a bunch of other great events could be made better with the addition of our SloMo booth. Besides the actual event, imagine how much fun all your co-workers will have looking at their captured antics when they get back into the office!


Company Halloween parties!

Was there any doubt about this one? What better opportunity could there possibly be for a SloMo booth? Everyone dressed up in wacky costumes doing crazy things is a prerequisite for a great Halloween party, so our video booth will fit right in. Put on your witch costume, grab some confetti and go crazy in front of the camera. We will slow it down, let you pick your favourite one and send the files right on over.

There probably isn’t an event in existence that wouldn’t be made better with slow motion video; however, these are the very best events for a SloMo video booth. Don’t let your next corporate event happen without one!