We all remember those awesome bouncy castles we got on our birthdays back when we were kids – at least Pop! Events does. They were really cool, but we have to admit they aren’t anything close to the awesome inflatable games that we offer for your events in Toronto. They are simple to setup and easy to play, and are a whole lot of fun. We guarantee that no other event will be as well equipped for fun as yours when you rent one (or many!) of our best inflatable games:


Wrecking Ball

This brand new game is storming onto the scene and destroying every other game in sight. Wrecking ball is a fast paced, physical, and fun game that is becoming more popular as the weeks go by. What could be more fun than throwing a giant inflatable wrecking ball at your friends trying to knock them off of the platform? It’s totally safe, but still a crazy fun game. It’s gotten to be one of our most asked-for additions.


Sumo suits

Sumo wrestlers are forever engrained in our collective imagination as the symbol of Japan. These hefty wrestlers are more than just athletes in their native land, and Sumo is more than just a sport. It’s a way of life to the wrestlers and fans alike. Your probably don’t have the time to eat and train enough to get as big they are, but we can lend a hand. We will bring the ring and the giant suits – all you have to do is bring your determination. First one to knock their opponent out of the ring wins!


Zorb Ball

Ever raced your friends down a 75-foot-long course? How about racing them in a Zorb ball? If you’ve ever wanted to know what running in a real-life hamster ball is like, then you’ve got to try our Zorb ball challenge. This sport is gaining popularity around the world, and people are starting to play all kinds of sports wearing Zorb gear. Bump into each other, roll over, and bounce off!

There isn’t a party in the world that won’t be livened up by our inflatable games. We guarantee it. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get everyone smiling, then just contact us today at Pop! Events and we will bring the fun to you.