Some are spokespeople for big-name brands and others cheer on our favourite sports teams, but what they all have in common is that they are close to our hearts. Mascots are a unique phenomenon in the world, but they can now be seen everywhere we look.

Here are some of the most famous mascots in the world.


The Raptor: Toronto’s most famous sports legend!

Maybe we are a bit biased with this one, but it has to be #1 for us. The only surviving raptor in the world, the Toronto Raptor’s mascot is by far the NBA’s best, and he is always getting into trouble. Which other mascot will chew on a cheerleader, shower a guest with gifts, get the crowd hyped up, and go to a city council meeting? It’s all in a week’s work for him. He’s always active on twitter and Toronto has come to embrace him and the whole team. We can’t wait for some more high flying action next season!


Ronald McDonald

He might not be the kind of mascot that we normally think of but make no mistake, Ronald is in fact a spokesperson, icon, and mascot all rolled into one. He’s the most recognizable face of the world’s most recognizable food chain, and he’s also a children’s entertainer and philanthropist. You can find Ronald McDonald houses everywhere from Boston to Budapest, and his face adorns the wall at nearly every location.


The Philly Phanatic

He’s woogly. He’s googly. He’s, well actually, we aren’t really sure what he is. This gangly green Philadelphia resident cheers on the Phillies at every home game, and he is one of the best there is. Definitely one of the most unique creatures on the list, the Phanatic is outrageous at times. Running around the field, diving into the stands, and making the game a whole lot of fun.


The world’s best mascots are a mix of zaniness, fun, and hilarity. Whether they represent sports or international food chains, we love them no matter where they are. Pop! Events mascots can come to your events in Toronto and brighten the whole place up. Contact us today to request them!