Would you believe that there is a toy from Australia that has outsold all of the major, traditional toy brands in recent times and is only getting bigger by the minute? You should, because that’s exactly what Shopkins has done! Since POP! Events always has the best and trendiest toys for its events, we thought we’d clue you in a bit on this 2016 megatrend.


This Aussie toy company based on grocery store items has grown in just a few short years to be a global phenomenon with a YouTube channel, books, and trading cards based on it. Shopkins are some of the most popular toys in 2016, and here are some favourites from the series:


Strawberry Kiss

A rare member of the fruits and veggies team, Strawberry Kiss is one of the best (and tastiest) Shopkins characters out there. She’s a big daydreamer, a bit of a romantic, and never likes being cold. She’s going to be the newest addition to our mascot roster, and we’re excited to bring her to your next event!


Tammy TV

Tammy is always excited. Why shouldn’t she be? She is a big TV after all. She loves the attention that she gets, and likes to say loud and crazy stuff. If she’s getting too loud, just turn down her volume!


Pancake Jake

Who doesn’t love a delicious stack of pancakes in the morning? This dude will flip over and do whatever he has to do to help you out, so don’t let him down.


Ice Cream Queen

This queen of the freezer is a bowl of the most delicious stuff on Earth. We all love ice cream here at POP! Events, so Ice Cream Queen had to be on this list. She might be ice cold, but she isn’t cold to her friends. This figurine is a huge hit among kids.


Shopkins has caught like wildfire and is spreading around the world with no signs of stopping. We have been getting more and more requests for them at our clients’ events, and they are a must-have for us now. These are the best Shopkins – at least in our opinion. Don’t miss out on these great toys at your next holiday party!