July 1st, 1867. On that day, the three colonies of British North America were united into the Dominion of Canada under the Constitution Act. Although it was originally referred to as Dominion Day, over the years it eventually came to be called simply Canada Day. Here’s how to do Canada Day the right way today:


Have a picnic!

July in Toronto is beautiful, and the warm weather is perfect for having BBQs and picnics. Why not celebrate Canada Day with a company party? Lots of great food, fun activities, and good company can never be a bad thing. Pop! Events can provide everything you need. Delicious catering from famous world cuisines? Check! Sweet candy to top the meal off? Check and check! You can make our nation’s holiday all the better by enjoying the great outdoors and having a ton of fun with your colleagues and their families.


Go to the parade

You didn’t really think that Canada’s largest and most important city wouldn’t have an amazing parade, did you? If you haven’t attended yet because you aren’t into parades or are new in town, then it’s time to get going. Toronto’s Canada Day Parade is awesome! Our diverse nation spends our most beloved day in diverse ways, but they almost always focus around a parade. Witness fun performers, awesome floats, and a ton of Canadian pride march through the streets.


Light off fireworks (safely!)

The City of Toronto allows citizens to light off fireworks without a permit on Canada Day, so why not let loose and have a little fun? There are a few rules that you should know about though:

Keep small and generally harmless fireworks for use like sparklers or Roman candles

  • Light them in your own backyard
  • Don’t light them on public property like streets or parks!

It wouldn’t be a national day of pride without some great celebrations.

Canada Day is a day of pride and celebration across our country. There’s a right way and wrong way to do it, though. We definitely recommend going to the parade and lighting off some safe fireworks (or just enjoying the professional ones), and we also highly recommend joining with Pop! Events to put on an awesome company picnic in celebration of Canada Day!