They say that nothing makes people happier than candy… well, it’s true! The sweet and sugary deliciousness of our popular candy concepts are irresistible, and are made all the better when you add a candy character into the mix. With these beautiful characters at your next party in the Toronto, you’ll have someone to entertain guests and hand out the treats to everyone.

Here are some of the candy characters that we offer for your events:

Candy Princess

The most popular and definitely the best dressed of all of our characters is the candy princess. She kicks off this list because candy is her name, and making your guests smile with candy delight is her game. She will show up in a custom-designed gourmet candy dress, look the part, and stroll around handing out lollipops to everyone. Brighten up your next event with this sweet belle!

Candy Girl

She might not be a princess, but candy girl still looks the part. And even better, she comes equipped with a delicious candy cart. Candy girl will go around the party cart in tow, handing out delicious treats to all of your guests. Dressed in a slick skirt and a colourful top, she will bring all the candy right to you.

Winter Sparkle Girl

Our Winter Sparkle Girl is one of our biggest hits. Our mobile hot chocolate cart serves gourmet hot chocolate that would make even the most diehard Belgian gourmets relent. This is one of our biggest party rentals, and it is made even better by our Winter Sparkle Girl. Garbed in glitter and ready to serve you some melted deliciousness, your guests will be hard to pull away.

Parties are always made better by candy and other sweets. The next logical step is having a beautiful character to serve it up to all of your guests. Young and old will be delighted by the treats and our awesome candy characters. Let us know which one you like best!