When’s the last time that you remember celebrating Christmas? And we don’t mean just waking up on Christmas morning, and opening some presents with the kids. We’re talking about really celebrating, the kind where night and morning mix together, and you can finally feel the holiday cheer. The kind of Christmas party where the eggnog is spiked, the gingerbread men aren’t wearing shirts, and Santa is being carried out by his elves.

You’re probably thinking, who do I have to sell my soul to in order to get a party like that???

Well, as a personal treat from Santa this year, you can score a party like that with Pop Events.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

We have you covered for whichever kind of party you were looking for; whether you wanted an elegant (but rowdy) dinner party, then we’ll throw Santa in a tux and have him serve you eggnog martinis. If you know that Rudolph doesn’t do that quiet stuff, and you want to organize a crazy dance party, we’re on board! Our party elves are trained for any kind of event, providing you with the kind of night that would make frosty jealous.

Our goal is for you to let loose, and to enjoy yourself while not worrying about any of the details. Think of all the headache involved with organizing a party. The decorations… food catering… alcohol services… entertainment… That doesn’t even begin to cover it, and you’re probably already getting nauseous just from the thought of it!

But while you’re stressing about minor details, we at Pop Events relish at the idea of planning Christmas parties, and are more than happy to handle all the ‘annoying’ details for you. For starters, we can source a location venue, which is often the hardest part of running a party. With a track record reaching back twenty years, we have ample experience with sourcing locations for parties of all sizes, so rest assured that we won’t disappoint.

We’ll also handle catering and the cocktail bar, with dedicated servers to make you mojitos all night long. And for those that have a Christmas sweet-tooth, we can even set up a candy bar. It’s the time of year to treat yourself, so go ahead. Have those candy canes.


Our Santas range from traditional, to hip and stylish.

A trademark which we’re especially proud of, are our Casino parties. And we’re not just talking about having a black jack table in the middle of the party. We mean a full-fledged, Vegas-style casino layout, complete with Texas Hold Em’ Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, and whatever else your heart desires. Our dealers are trained to be engaging and professional, so it’ll feel just like you’re in a real casino! (But you’ll finish the night a little less broke) If you’re looking to go the extra mile, we can even bring in Vegas-themed decorations, complete with Vegas casino showgirls, martini service, and a real shoot-out to cap off the night! (We’re kidding about that last one)


Or are we…?

At Pop Events, we’re known for our attention to detail and vast experience, so rest assured that your holiday casino party will be a raging success!

If casinos aren’t your thing, then we have a ton of alternative entertainment options for you to choose from. Our entertainers are trained to give you laughs and thrills, with a wide variety of talents available for booking. For starters, we have traditional DJ options available, ready to provide your party with music, dancing, and most importantly, direction! Having an MC handle the events of the night is the easiest way to sit back and enjoy your own party, all without lifting a finger to get your guests up and moving.

If a DJ doesn’t cut it, a live music band might be more to your taste! And if not, we also offer magic shows, mystics, motivational speakers, illusionists, magicians, comedy shows, acrobatic acts, circus shows, and much more!


Our mystics are a lot less creepy.

At this point, you might be thinking that we have nothing else to offer. After all, we’ve covered the core party planning, different themes you can work with, and even entertainment that can liven up the night. What else could we possibly suggest for you?

Remember how as a kid, no matter what you got as a present, you always wanted a little bit extra? It wasn’t enough to get that new board game; instead, you had to get the board game and a small puzzle or candy to go with it, cause than it really felt like you were getting something worthwhile. Well, we haven’t forgotten the importance of having a little something extra.

On top of everything that we’ve already mentioned, we also offer an assortment of activity rentals. Photo booths, candy carts, game rentals, caricature artists, and hot chocolate stations are just some of the stations that you can rent out, with many more available for you to choose from.

If you want it, we got it!

Pop Events isn’t just a party planning company. We’re more than that. We’re the team that makes your life easier, the team that makes you memorable with all your colleagues, and the team that really cares about what you want from a party.

Our parties come custom designed. Visit today to customize yours!