Spring is finally here. I saw my first sighting of Crocuses and Daffodils yesterday! This is the sign to start preparing for your Annual Company Picnic.

Aside from the food that is to be served at the Picnic, I can’t stress the importance of planning fun company picnic games and company picnic activities.

The easiest way to plan for these company picnic games for adults is to first break them into categories.  Let me guide you along and show you fun company games for outdoor activities.

Firstly, we will look at sports games, and then move on to Team Building picnic games. From there we will examine some relaxing out of the sun activities and culminate with the most fun of all…water games!

Sport Based Games: The following outdoor picnic games for adults are real crowd pleasers

Soft Ball Tournament

  • Soft Ball Tournament

Volley Ball Tournament

  • Volley Ball Tournament

Football Tournament

  • Football Tournament

By far some of the most popular of the outdoor games for the company picnic is a rousing baseball game, volleyball game or football game all of which have very positive benefits.

  1. These picnic activities are great stress busters.
  2. These outdoor games for a company picnic help with employee engagement.
  3. In addition, these company picnic games teach employees to work together for a common goal.


Team Building Games: The following are a lot of fun but also provide many benefits.

Pie in the Face

(A)Pie in the Face: Now who doesn’t like pie? This is just a fun and silly company picnic game that will get everyone laughing at each other.

Place pieces of paper with a message written on it on the bottom of a paper plate. Fill the plate with whipped cream.

Yummy! Players must eat the “pie” with their hands tied behind their backs. The one who can read their message first is the winner.

Rubber Band Watermelon

(B)Rubber Band Watermelon: teams of two to four place rubber bands on watermelon. The first team to burst their watermelon is the winner. A bit messy but fun!

Pass the Balloon

(C)Pass the Balloon: Divide contestants into teams of 10 and have them stand in a circle. The object is to pass the balloon along until it reaches the initial player. Sound easy? Nada! No hands are to be used. Trust me this is truly a hysterical company picnic games for adults!

Quick Change

(D)Quick Change: Divide the participants into teams of eight. This is one of the most popular relay races for office picnic games. Provide oversize clothing and accessories in a basket.

The first participant must put on all clothing and accessories and run to the start line and undress. Next participant must run to the pile of clothing, dress, and run back to the start line and undress. And so on. The first team to complete the quick change is the winner.

Make sure you have the camera running.

Mine Field

(E)Mine Field: Place various items along a path, for instance, a pair of shoes or a baseball bat or a bucket filled with water. You can see where I am going with this.  This is a company picnic trust-building game where employees are divided into pairs.

In each pair, one person is blindfolded, and they have to walk along a predetermined path following the instructions of their partner. The first team to get through the path without disturbing any of the items is the winner.

Tug of War

Tug of War: When we think of company picnic activities probably the first one to come to mind is the traditional, tried and true, tug of war. All that is required is a thick rope and a mid marker on the ground.

To make it more interesting if there happens to be a narrow creek running through the picnic ground you could use that as a mid marker. The number of players will be dependent upon the length of the rope. On your mark, get set, GO!


  • Multi-Tasking: Here is a fun picnic game where we match the guys against the girls. First hang a clothesline, and then prepare a basket of clothes and some clothespins. Each player gets a baby doll and a cell phone.The participants must hold the baby properly in one hand and chat on the phone with the other while hanging the clothes on the line in 2 minutes. Hmmmm… Wonder who will be the winner here!

These team building outdoor games for the company picnic have many benefits besides being so much fun.

  1. These company picnic activities create team spirit and co-operation
  2. The office picnic games encourage employees to bond with each other
  3. These company picnic games create fun and laughter which in turn creates greater company morale
  4. Most of the above company picnic games foster team communication


Out of the Sun Outdoor Games for the Company Picnic: Many of the participants will need some relief from some of the strenuous picnic games. Here are some relaxing picnic games that all will enjoy.

Giant Jenga Game

  • Giant Jenga Game: Rent or purchase several giant Jenga games for your fun company picnic games and watch the kid come out of the adult.

Connect Four

  • Connect Four: This is also a great company picnic game especially for competitive-minded employees. Perhaps do teams with one management person against one warehouse person or one salesperson against one IT person. See how it goes!

Marshmallow Challenge

(C)Marshmallow Challenge: Divide into teams of three to four players. Each group gets 20 sticks of spaghetti, one yard of tape, one yard of string and a marshmallow. Whichever team builds the tallest structure, wins.

For this fun outdoor picnic game, I am going to go out on a limb and say the team who does not compete for power will be the winner.

These laid-back company picnic games have many benefits.

  1. These games are all great icebreakers.
  2. The above picnic games encourage problem-solving skills.
  3. The last game forces your colleagues to work collaboratively and to think quickly.

Now here comes the fun! Water games for a company picnic activity are a must especially if the day is hot and steamy.

Frozen T-Shirt Race

(A)Frozen T-Shirt Race: Brrrrr… a bit of preparation is necessary, but this is so much fun. Soak a bunch of x-extra large T-shirts in water, fold each one and place in a plastic bag and then put them in a freezer. The next step is to race to see who can unfold and pull on the frozen t-shirt the fastest. I get chills just thinking about it.

Dunk Tank

 (B)Dunk Tank: This is one of the most rented out picnic outdoor games for companies. Everyone wants a turn at dunking the president of the company. (Let’s hope he or she is a good sport)

Fishing for Marbles

(C)Fishing for Marbles: If you have long toes you may have an advantage over your colleagues. Place marbles in a tub of very cold water.

The object is to pick up as many marbles as you can with your toes. The person who has picked up the most marbles within 2 minutes is the winner.

Ladies, if you know in advance that this is going to be one of the office picnic games you may want to get a pedicure the day before the company picnic!

These water games have one main benefit.


  1. They are just downright good fun. Everyone will be laughing whether or not they participated in these fun company picnic games for adults.

So, folks, I think I have provided you with a great list to start you off when you plan your company picnic activities ideas.  One thing to keep in mind is that a company picnic is not a drain on the company finances.

This is an opportunity to say thank you for all your hard work throughout the year. Employees that are happy within the workplace are more productive and this gesture builds long term loyalty.

Furthermore, it strengthens bonds between employees and helps to build teamwork and camaraderie. When planned properly, company picnics are rejuvenating, appreciated and motivating.

The one thing I might add is that you consider hiring a professional Event Planner who will take care of all the details so you can enjoy the fun.