Have you noticed that the turnout for many of your Corporate Events is dwindling? What a shame. So many man hours and money has gone into the planning of your work event ideas and the results are so disappointing.

Stay with me and I will show you how to rejuvenate ideas for more innovative and creative ideas for team building and corporate events.

Let’s start with the 2 major Corporate Events of the year and then go into ideas for company team building ideas, company outing events ideas and group event ideas.  The 2 major corporate social events of the year are the Children’s Christmas Party and the Adult Christmas Party.

 1. The Children’s Christmas Party is Filled with Fun Corporate Social Event Ideas

Santa Christmas Party

Nothing is as dull as walking into a dimly lit room dotted with a few Holiday Ornaments and a tired old Santa. To liven this very special Corporate Event come up with a theme.

Brain storm with your social committee and think of what children would be interested in. Check out the latest movies for kids or what they enjoy playing with. Some of the most successful themes that I have worked on for the Children’s Corporate Event Party are “Alice in Wonderland”, “Lego Land”, “Mad Scientist” and “Super Hero”.

Concentrate on decor, characters and crafts for a fun corporate event idea. Let your imagination run wild! And most importantly call your Event Planner to help make this event a standout.

 2. Best Corporate Event Ideas for an Adult Company Christmas Party

Corporate Event Ideas for an Adult Company Christmas Party

For many employees the Corporate Holiday Party is becoming so mundane. Usually, the same old traditional menu is served along with the standard nondescript DJ. Come on! Let’s make this party rock. There are so many fun Corporate event ideas that we can put into play here.

We can start with the decor. Lighting, colour scheme and centrepieces will make the room warm and inviting and put everyone in a great mood to party. An interactive DJ will liven up the party and get everyone up on the dance floor. Bring in some entertainment such as a strolling illusionist or an interactive dance show that will engage all the guests.

The ever popular photo booth with crazy props are a must at any Corporate Event. Round everything out with an incredible menu and there is your memorable party that will leave everyone wanting more. Of course, a professional Event Planner to help plan this event is a must.

3. Boo! A Halloween fun work Event Idea

Halloween fun work Event Idea

Not only kids love Halloween! Just to break up the day here is a great work event idea. Bring in your favorite Event Planner to create a Scary Halloween Themed Room complete with monsters and cob webs and frightening noises. Decorate a candy cart with spider webs and all sorts of Halloween candies.

You can even encourage your staff to dress in costume and give a prize for the best Halloween get up. This will be a short but fun Corporate Event Idea and will send your staff back to their desk with treats and a smile on their face.

4. A Fun Filled Corporate Social Event Idea…The Great Gatsby Night

Corporate Social Event Idea

I don’t think there is a person around who is not familiar with the Great Gatsby. Plan this fun corporate event idea for a unique evening. Have everyone dress in 1920’s garb and have a contest for the best costume and reward with small prizes. Hire a DJ and have Honky Tonk type of music playing all night. Your employees will be talking about this special social event for months!

5. A new twist on a Team Building Events Ideas…a Hockey Match!

Team Building Events Ideas

Winter is fast approaching and what do Canadians look forward to? Hockey!  Did you know that there are synthetic hockey rinks available to rent? You can even do this as an onsite team building event. Divide your staff into two teams. Each team member will receive air brushed hockey toques and then the fun begins. Finish the match off with a Hot Chocolate cart. Mmmmm Good!

6. “Throw around a Mic” for a unique Company Event Idea

Is your company going through changes? Are your employees worried about these changes?  Have a question and answer session in a very unique way. Have the staff sit in a circle. This will be a very casual and non threatening way to have a meaningful dialogue. But the fun part comes with the throw around mic. Everyone will want to have their voice heard!


7. “Let’s have a Makeover” Group Event Idea

Makeover” Group Event Idea

I once did an experiment with a company that had a large order taking desk. Because everything was done over the phone the staff felt that they didn’t really have to worry about their appearance.

I had a professional makeover team come in to talk about business wardrobe, makeup, hairstyles etc.  I took note of their sales before this group event idea and then afterwards. Everyone enjoyed their experience and I made only one request. I asked them all to put into practice what they had learned from their day of makeovers for one week.

After the week was finished I reported that sales had gone up 25% that week! This experiment built up staff confidence and self esteem. Try it on for size!

8. Some Fun Company Outing Ideas

Fun Company Outing Ideas

Here are two very different and fun company outing ideas.  The trendiest things happening in after work activities are food and drink. Let’s start with the food. Ask your favorite Event Planner to organize a company outing that will encourage team building, collaboration and interaction. Learn to make sushi. Yummy! Your group will be divided into teams to prepare the menu.

Each team will work with a chef who will provide on hand instruction at cooking stations. There will be a contest to see who can make the best dynamite roll! The prize could be a gift certificate at a Sushi Restaurant. Next outing please…  Drink! Get into the spirit and learn the intricacies of making a great Martini.

Can you think of a more fun corporate team building idea?

9. Budget Conscious Fun Corporate Event ideas

Budget Conscious Fun Corporate Event ideas Studies show that plants provide stress reduction. In addition they increase productivity, clean the air and make your workplace more attractive. So gather your troops and let them plant. Provide your staff with some earth, attractive flower pots and plants. Have a contest to see whose plant survives over the month.

fun Corporate Event idea

Another fun Corporate Event idea is so simple and will provide instant comic relief in your busy stress filled office.  Have you ever wanted to roll out of bed, brush your teeth and head into the office in your PJ’s?

Imagine working in the most comfy clothes that you own. This is such a great exercise in bonding with your fellow workers regardless of position.

Just mind that there are some rules to follow on PJ day and if you don’t conform you will be sent home! Of course, with every Corporate team building idea there comes a reward. Vote for the funniest or the most unlikely PJ’s and the winners get a prize!


10. One of the Best Corporate Event Ideas is Games Delivered to Your Doorstep.

Best Corporate Event Ideas is Games Delivered

Is your staff in the doldrums lately?  It could be that they are simply bored of the same old routine day in and day out. Contact your Event Planner ASAP as this can be very serious.

My suggestion is to ask your event planner for some remedies on how to cure their lack of motivation and boredom. Ask about bringing some awesome games to play during the lunch hour or an extended break. These are guaranteed for a quick recovery of office morale.

11. Yahoo!! Spice up Your Life with a Great Corporate Event Idea

Great Corporate Event Idea

Put your dancing shoes on and Skip to my Lou My Darlin’! Bring in a professional Square Dance Caller and a fiddler and prepare for some real toe stamping and hollerin’ fun times.

This dance is great for your body and mind. You can burn 200 to 400 calories in a half hour and if that is not enough it is good for your brain. You are continuously making decisions on what step to take, whom to swing and when to turn.

This is a great corporate activity that will encourage your staff to bond with each other. So folks, what are you waiting for? Leave your worries and your stress back at your desk. Go allemande left and then swing your partner round n’ round.

So there you have it folks. It was great sharing some fabulous corporate event ideas as well as company outing ideas. Put my team building events ideas to good use and I personally guarantee that you will have a very happy staff.

Until next time

Eventfully yours,