Roulette Tables

Authentic Roulette Table

We will provide you with an authentic roulette table rental that will enhance the casino experience. Included is a 32″ real mahogany wheel.  Space Required: 10ft L x 5ft W x 3.4ft H  

Premium Roulette Table

This premium table is just a smaller size than the authentic, but just as much fun to play.  The wheel is 19.5″ and comes with a roulette dolly and chips.  Space Required: 7ft L x 4ft W x 2.6ft H  

Basic Roulette Table

This basic roulette table rental includes a 19.5″ plastic wheel and a roulette dolly and chips. Be sure to ask us about our casino dealers rates.  Space Required: 7ft L x 4ft W x 3.4ft H