Children's Stage Shows

Animal Shows

Whether you are looking for fuzzy little critters, creepy creatures, large exotics or even the Superdogs we can bring it to your event!

Magicians and Illusionists

How did he do that? Do it again!…We work with the most talented magicians and illusionists in the city. Our talent draws in the crowd pleasing both adults and children using interactive card tricks and sleight of hand magic. Watch out though, because you may end up being the center of attention when one of …

Educational Shows

Why not teach the kids something while entertaining them at the same time? We offer: Science and Gravity Shows Sports Demonstrations Nature Discovery Shows Learn to Stiltwalk Clinic

Music and Singing Shows

There is nothing more traditional than a singer with his or her guitar. Kids love to gather in a group to sing and dance to holiday songs and old favorites. Many of our musical acts are accompanied by magic, puppetry, balloon making and even some yo-yo tricks! You can choose from a huge variety of …

Variety Shows

Choose from a number of electrifying and hilarious family oriented variety shows. We work with some of the best quality talent in the country.

Circus Shows

Circus shows require the performers to possess a certain natural ability matched with refined skills that often take decades to perfect. These performances involve bold feats and demonstrations of superior talent not often seen live. We offer a range of acts from several different circus groups including: Infinite Family Circus Centre of Gravity Circus Aristov …

Puppet Shows

You can choose from a wide variety of unique puppet shows with different characters, styles and narratives. Our selection of shows includes: The Puppet Tamer Show Mike Harding and his Amazing Puppets Show The Alistair Ant Show Yvette and Her Puppet Friends Bruce the Christmas Moose Tom’s Amazing Cats

Specialty Shows

Some performances are so unique that they defy any category at all. Specialty acts often combine a number of different genres into one performance. Some examples include: Alpha Rhythm Roots The Silly People Spin Cycle The Funny Waiter Show