Live Entertainment

Magicians and Illusionists

How did he do that? Do it again!…We work with the most talented magicians and illusionists in the city. Our talent draws in the crowd pleasing both adults and children using interactive card tricks and sleight of hand magic. Watch out though, because you may end up being the center of attention when one of …

Variety Shows

Choose from a number of electrifying and hilarious family oriented variety shows. We work with some of the best quality talent in the country.

Circus Shows

Circus shows require the performers to possess a certain natural ability matched with refined skills that often take decades to perfect. These performances involve bold feats and demonstrations of superior talent not often seen live. We offer a range of acts from several different circus groups including: Infinite Family Circus Centre of Gravity Circus Aristov …

Specialty Shows

Some performances are so unique that they defy any category at all. Specialty acts often combine a number of different genres into one performance. Some examples include: Alpha Rhythm Roots The Silly People Spin Cycle The Funny Waiter Show

Live Painting

Watch the painting come to life right before your eyes with this unique, one-of-a-kind painting experience! 

Fire Performances

An outdoor event is a perfect opportunity to host a dramatic and visually brilliant dance performance engaging the use of fire. Most of our performers use a range of distinctive techniques such as: Fire Spinning Fire Breathing Fire Balancing Fire Fingers Fire Theatrics Fire performance art commands the attention of the audience and adds an …

Dance Shows

We can take your guests on a trip anywhere in the world though one of our specialized dance performances! You can almost feel the warm winds of the South Pacific as Polynesian dancers perform entrancing dances from the islands. India comes to life with brilliant colours, and exotic moves in true Bollywood style. Castanets and thundering rhythm signal your …

Broadway Shows

Chicago: This live show includes Cell Block Tango, All That Jazz and Roxie Hart sung live! Straight from the movie, this high energy Jazz routine is both glamorous and sultry. At the end, guests are invited to take photos with the actors. Moulin Rouge: Costumed in Moulin Rouge style (with endless ruffles!), talented dancers bring to life the exuberant and thrilling world of the …

Comedy Shows

We offer every kind of comedy show. We’ve got a fast paced comedy stunt show, a comedic magician or a pair of silly balloon twisters.  Our comedians are slick, edgy and full of personality without being offensive or rude.  A fast paced show guaranteed to keep your guests on the edge of their seats!