Seated Entertainment

Glitter Tattoo Station

More than 50 different designs and over 20 color glitters to select from. These stunning tattoos can last up to 7 days.

Airbrush Tattoos

We guarantee the brightest colors and offer over 100 different designs.

Caricature Artists

Always a showstopper… Guests will receive hand drawn cartoons of them doing their favorite activity!!!

Psychics and Fortune Tellers

We can provide a variety of psychics and fortune tellers to amaze you with their insightful understanding of the spiritual and an outlook into your future.  We can offer: Tarot Card Readers Astrologists Palm Readers Crystal Ball  Readers Tea Leaf Readers  

Handwriting Analysis

Sharing the positive strengths and talents in everyone’s writing will keep building your team’s spirit, camaraderie, and have everyone learning about each other! It’s simple, fun, and it works!! Our handwriting analyst will looks at the nuances within everyone’s writing and reveals positive strengths, talents and the secrets behind the strokes!