Fun Food Rentals

Combination Popcorn and Cotton Candy Cart

The best of both worlds! This Combo cart makes sure every guest’s taste buds are satisfied.

Cotton Candy Cart

As fun to watch as it is to eat!!! Available in a variety of styles and flavors.

Antique Silver Popcorn Cart

Fresh popcorn just got classy! Our beautiful Antique Silver Popcorn Cart can add that extra touch to you Hollywood event or be the centre stage all on its own. Who can resist the smell of fresh popcorn?  

Classic Neon Popcorn Machine

There’s nothing like fresh, hot popcorn to entice your guests.

Slushie Machine

A crowd favorite!!! The tastiest way to cool down your thirsty guests.

Polar Pete SnoKone

No event is complete without our favorite party animal Polar Pete!

Hawaiian Shaved Ice

A pacific staple, shaved ice is delicious way to beat the heat. Give your guests the treat of this island favourite!

Hot Chocolate Stand

Our Rustic Hot Chocolate Stand will be the perfect place for guests to congregate at your event! Guests will be greeted by a server that will make them the perfect cup of cocoa with their choice of adding sweet garnish. Includes: 200x Hot Chocolate Servings Rustic Hot Chocolate Stand Rental 2x Hours of Service Cups …

Lemonade Stand

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Treat your guests with cold glasses of traditional lemonade.

Vintage Candy Cart

A unique twist on a sweet trend, this incredible Vintage Candy Cart is one of a kind.