Thanks to vaccines and masks, we can expect to restart in-person events sometime in 2021. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, but the hard work isn’t over yet. We must continue to work together to limit spread of this virus and protect others with best practices. Health and safety is what will bring us back together.

Procedures updated July 9, 2020

The safety of guests and staff during Covid is of the utmost importance to Pop! Events Group. In addition to our regular health, safety and food handling procedures new protective measures have been implemented into our events. We are following the ongoing health requirements and guidelines from the City of Toronto, the Ontario Ministry of Health, the Government of Canada and the WHO. Our procedures will be updated as we learn more about this insidious new disease.

Staff Precautions

  • Staff temperature will be taken prior to each event in a remote location. If fever is detected, they will not enter the event space and will be sent home or a testing centre.
  • Staff will properly wear face masks, face shields and nitrile gloves.
  • Proper hand washing procedures are reinforced.
  • Aprons are worn for specific setups.
  • Disinfectant is available to all staff and is used after each new contact.

Event Precautions

Event precautions and capacities are based on local jurisdiction requirements such as Ontario’s emergency status on COVID-19 and best practices.

  • Staggered entry schedules will be organized for some groups.
  • Floor markers (tape) will indicate to stay 6ft apart while moving through lines.
  • Table signage on all stations will instruct attendees to stay 6ft apart.
  • Disinfectant gel will be available to attendees.
  • Proper sanitizing will be promoted to attendees between activities.
  • Staff will not be in direct contact with tickets or cash (when applicable).
  • All stationed areas will be cleaned and disinfected frequently throughout the event.
  • All event rentals will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected when arriving and leaving the event.

Santa Visit

“Visit With Santa” Precautions

  • We will ensure Santa is not showing any COVID-19 symptoms prior to arrival
  • Santa will follow proper hand washing and sanitizing procedures
  • Santa will be seated on his chair (which will be periodically sprayed and disinfected)
  • Santa will be wearing a mask as well as gloves over his own gloves
  • Children will collect their own gift placed on a side table (which needs to be monitored)
  • Children will stand at the pre-marked socially required distance from Santa during their visit
  • Children will then turn around and stand at an angle from Santa to face the camera for the photo op

Safe santa

Additional Precautions (if required at additional cost)

  • Disinfecting gifts prior to the event
  • Placing floor markers for attendees to stand at a socially acceptable distance while waiting for Santa
  • Elves (if requested) will be wearing gloves and masks
  • Sanitizer stands will be provided for attendees and guests

Coronavirus Prevention

How Covid Spreads and Why Use Masks

Covid can spread to others through coughing, sneezing, breathing, talking, and by touching one’s face which we do often. Air circulation and total time exposed are critical factors especially inside. The dry air in the colder months also enables infection in several ways. Masks help prevent infection by reducing the likelihood of respiratory droplets and air infecting those around an individual.

Note, the City of Toronto has made masks or face coverings mandatory in enclosed public spaces.

Get tested today should you have any reason.

Global News – Winter in a pandemic: How cold air could make the coronavirus spread more easily
Covid in winter

Masked virtual host and chat manager

Pop staff Dima and Sonia with Zoom attendees after a virtual event on June 19, 2020