We bet that if anyone had told Walt Disney that his humble Mickey Mouse toys would eventually grow into the world’s most recognisable and beloved toy brand, he would have never believed them. The Disney Empire has spawned some of the most loved and desired toys of all time, and things are stronger than ever for them. They’ve been helping companies like Pop! Events, bring joy to kids around the world for years. Here are some of the Disney toys that people are going crazy for right now.


Frozen toys

Can you believe that Frozen is already going on 3 years old? Neither can we. What we can believe is that toys from this winter fantasy are still popular around the world. Elsa dolls, karaoke sets, Lego castles, and plenty of other toys are still selling like hot cakes. Frozen earned over $1 billion dollars world-wide and two Academy Awards, so it’s no wonder it continues to delight children and parents to this day.


Cars toys

This animated film series deals with, you guessed it, cars. The only difference is that they can talk and they are a whole lot of fun. Lightning McQueen and all of his friends go on crazy adventures, participate in big races, and even get arrested in a little desert town on Route 66. The franchise dragged in a lot of money at the box office, and it’s also sold a ton of toys. Toys like Mack trucks, Lightning McQueen models, mini cars, and arts & crafts are our personal favourites.

Disney Fairies

They say that believing is just the beginning over at Disney, and when it comes to Disney Fairies it couldn’t be any truer. Built around the iconic Tinker Bell, this franchise has children believing all around the world. The franchise includes books and a movie, but we concentrate on the toys. With many new characters and substantial expansion upon the original info, your kids can unwrap any number of magical pixies. These aren’t your parents’ Disney classics!


The fact that Disney is the world’s most popular and recognisable children’s movie franchise goes without saying, but many people are still unaware of the most popular toys from recent franchises. If you want the toys that everyone is going crazy for, all you’ve got to do is ask!