Walk into a Tony Robbins corporate event, and you instantly feel the energy. In fact, it’s impossible not to. The crowd is like one, large, throbbing unit. Smiles are on faces. Cheers are in the air. The vibe is … wild.

So – is this familiar to you? Have you felt a “wild vibe” when hosting a corporate event? If not, don’t worry. You’re not alone. In this article, we will look at how to organize a corporate event that your employees will remember for years to come.


What is a Great Corporate Event & How to Host a Successful Corporate Event for Your Company


Lots of corporate event planners struggle with retaining the attention of their event guests and employees and keeping the energy in the room high, regardless of the type of the corporate event they host. And truly – these are seriously important aspects of your event. After all, the whole purpose is to engage your employees, emphasize your message, and have everyone absorb and retain key skills that they’ll then take back to the office.

But it’s tough. Fortunately, there are ways to adopt some of what Tony Robbins knows so well and use it in your corporate event planning checklist.

Make the theme of your corporate events fun – however you can.

If your corporate event lacks a theme that’s “fun” like “Ice Cream Party!” (hey, they can’t all be ice cream parties) – that’s okay. But you can still create a more cohesive, fun environment by doing a few key things.

First, if you’re trying to “team build,” for example, truly embrace this idea. Don’t simply have everyone get into groups at tables and discuss “why teambuilding is important.” Instead, create teams and make a competition out of it.

How better to emphasize teambuilding than with some sort of rivalry or struggle? For example, have relay races or play games, try sports, or even engage in trivia competitions or other game show set-ups.

Play the Part in Your Corporate Event (Lead by Example)

This one’s easy: You can’t expect your employees to be revved about your corporate event … if you’re not revved.

Tony Robbins, for example, completely personifies what he wants to see in his employees. He’s engaged, focused, loud, excited, and eager. As a leader, you’ve got to do this too! Lead by example.

Don’t Let Your Guests Leave Empty-Handed

Finally, give your employees and event guests something to take home with them.

Of course, this is all part of the fun too. You can give your guests something fun to do at the corporate event (like sitting for a caricature or hopping into a photo booth with friends) and they’ll be able to take their caricature drawing, photo, art project, etc. home with them. Win-win!

Make Corporate Event Planning Easier

Corporate event planning can be a sticky, complicated matter if you’re not used to it. And frankly, even if you are … it’s no piece of cake. That’s why we recommend hiring a corporate event planning company, which knows how to properly plan a corporate event checklist and arrange food, entertainment, and more for you.

Spend your time preparing the way Tony Robbins does, and leave the rest up to the experts. Trust us: You’ll be glad you left the corporate event planning to the pros!