“This… is… Jeopardy!” – that phrase has been ringing in the beginning of episodes for decades on this world-famous game show. The world’s most popular question and answer game has been stumping people for as long as we can remember, and if you are anything like us you enjoy shouting answers at the TV even if you don’t think you’re right!


Game shows are one of our most popular interactive rentals for corporate events in Toronto, and the best one that we offer is our own form of Jeopardy. Since you will be rolling in the (fake) money that we reward for correct answers, we thought we’d share the highest-winning jeopardy contestants ever!


Brad Rutter: The Biggest Winner

This might sound crazy to say, but no human being has ever defeated Brad Rutter! He won 5 Jeopardy championships back when that was the limit, and then from there went on to win several major tournaments including the Tournament of Champions and the Battle of the Decades! With over four million dollars in winnings, Brad has only ever lost to an IBM computer. We hope you don’t invite him to the company event!


Ken Jennings: 74 Straight Games


He might not have the most money of all time on this list, but he is definitely the most recognizable and famous of all contestants. He came into the national spotlight when he won 74 straight games in the early 2000s. He made Jeopardy more popular than it ever had been and is still synonymous with brainiacs. Since then he has become a panelist on a game show, a bestselling author, and a bit of a celebrity.


Arthur Chiu: The Infamous

Not as popular as the rest on this list or as well known, Arthur Chiu burst onto the scene as the winner of 11 straight matches in 2014. What made him infamous was the way he deviated from normal strategy and bounced around the board meticulously hunting for the Daily Double clues to try and double his money. He took the game by storm and destroyed convention. His strategy still lives on in smart new contestants who think they can emulate him. Best of luck with that!


Game shows are one of the most popular interactive rentals that we bring to corporate events in Toronto, and our special take on the Jeopardy format is the most popular among them. These 3 Jeopardy contestants are more famous than any others – do you think you can get to their level?